Covid Protocol

As the Quadra Island Outdoor Club continues to offer outings during the pandemic, we try to find the balance between staying safe while exercising and socializing outside.  In general our Club members are vulnerable due to age, and many have other specific vulnerabilities.  There is a wide range of tolerance to the present risk. It is required that everyone follow the recommendations of the BC Public Health Office. We ask that all participants be sensitive to the needs and views of others.

Physical distancing: As we near the end of the second year of the COVID pandemic, maintaining physical distance of two metres from other participants at all times continues to be an essential protocol.  We will stay two metres apart when stopped as well as moving. Talking can become problematic if it compromises the distance between participants. Please do not bunch up on the trail closer than two metres in order to talk or hear.

If you are not vaccinated, it is particularly important to remain distanced from those in the Club who are vulnerable or have low risk tolerance.

 Any discretionary indoor activity, such as a planning meeting requires proof of full vaccination and the wearing of a mask, as mandated by the PHO at this time.  Participants may car pool if they wish, but vaccinated members will ride with others who are vaccinated, and unvaccinated will ride together.

Size of the group: Trip coordinators have discretion about the total number of participants on a trip.  A smaller group may be better for a variety of reasons.

Who can participate: We are not encouraging participation from visitors to Quadra.  Please be cautious about coming on an outing if you have recently travelled to an area with high incidence of COVID 19, unless you have been tested on your return.

As of 15 Nov 2021