How to join

How to join the Quadra Island Outdoor Club

1. Read the following information about the Club:

QIOC members need to complete the membership and waiver form with the necessary signatures, and submit this with payment to the Treasurer before taking Club trips.  It is possible to take a trial day-trip before joining, but it is essential to sign the waiver before participating.

Membership is from 1 May to 30 April.

The membership fees are:
Single – $25.00
Couple – $40.00
Student – $20.00
Family – $40.00 plus $15.00 for each additional family member over the age of 16

A couple is any two specific family members. A student is someone 16 years of age or older and not yet graduated.

Minors between the ages of 16 and 18 may be members of the club with parental consent. The parent or guardian needs to sign the membership, waiver and informed consent forms. Only 10% of our membership can be under the age of 19, which does not allow for many minors.

Minors 15 years old and under may participate in Club trips with an accompanying parent or guardian. They are not members of the Club and the parent or guardian is solely responsible for the child’s safety and well-being. The child must be sufficiently fit and experienced to participate in a Club trip. The Trip Coordinator must be aware of and consent to the participation of children 15 and under on any trip.

Guests or visitors may take up to two day-trips with the Club, at a cost of $5 per trip, without joining the QIOC. Participants on multi-day trips must be members. Members have priority on trips and guests may participate only if there is space available.

Almost everything about our membership policy is dictated by our liability insurance policy through the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC. If their insurance policy changes, our membership policy could also be subject to change.

Liability Insurance

The QIOC has general liability insurance through FMCBC. This provides protection for “the club, trip organizers, volunteer, and those authorized to carry out functions for or on behalf of the club.” This is not accident, medical or rescue insurance. Not all possible activities are covered. Some exclusions include some mountain biking, river paddling grade two and higher, and activities which are not self-propelled.

The Club also carries insurance for Directors and Officers.

2. Fill out the Membership application form and the waiver.

These forms are under “Membership” on this website.

3. Mail it with your cheque

Mail your form, waiver, and cheque to PO Box 359, Heriot Bay, BC, V0P 1H0

19 July 2020


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