Trip Report – Beech’s Mountain Loop – 21 June 2017

With the arrival of a strong high pressure ridge and the first day of summer, the time was right to hike the Beech’s Mountain loop. Eight hikers and two dogs climbed Beech’s Mountain via the South Chinese Trail. Beech’s trail follows a series of rock bluffs between fir and hemlock forested sections, with arguably the best views of any trail on the Island, scanning the far distance to the south, west and east at various viewpoints.   The dry weather was welcome, since there are several steep sections on rock. After numerous photo stops and a rest at the top, the group continued on a route only, descending the north side and dropping down to an old logging road. After about fifteen minutes on the road, we followed a convoluted route over another series of bluffs which brought us to the North Chinese Mountain trail. From here, it was a straightforward walk down the steep trail to the parking lot.  The second half of this loop is not recommended unless hiking with someone who knows the route down the far side of Beech’s Mountain. The Davidson’s penstemons at the top were sadly all but finished blooming, but there was columbine, yarrow, saxiphrage, brodiaea, yellow monkey flower and veronica along the way. Total time was four and a half hours; 6.9 km.


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Hiking – Beech’s Mtn Loop – 14 June 2017

Camping, Hiking, Kayaking – Savary Island – 7-9 Aug 2017

Activity Camping, hiking, kayaking
Destination Savary Island
Date 7-9 August 2017, Monday to Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Cyndy Chidley
Contact Info 250-285-3575; Please make arrangements with the coordinator well in advance of the trip.
Savary is a jewel of an island surrounded by white sand beaches.  We will hike or kayak on Tuesday.  Cyndy’s place is off grid with two outdoor composting toilets, a wood fired sauna, and indoor propane cooking facilities.  There is a solar panel for lights and charging cell phones. Water is hand pumped.  Remember that August is the busiest time of year and Monday is a holiday.
Getting there: Your own boat (kayak, motor or sailboat).  There is no moorage on a dock; you can anchor. Other options are a water taxi from Campbell River, or a water taxi combined with truck taxi from Lund.  These can be shared.  There is also a 15 minute reasonably priced float plane ride on Coralair from Campbell River that will land you close to the cabin, weather permitting, if you reserve ahead.
Meeting Place Cyndy’s place, Savary Island
Departure Time Arrive Savary on Monday, Aug 7 and depart on Wednesday, Aug 9 on you own schedule
Easy to Medium…Hiking or kayaking would take most of one day
Costs Cost of transportation to Savary Island
Trip limits 10 people
Dogs? Yes if hiking; No if kayaking.  Dogs love Savary Island, but you must pack water for them.
Notes: Please bring your own gear for camping, cooking and boating, as well as your own food.  Kayaks are not available to rent on Savary, so you need to bring your own if you want to kayak.  We ask that you take your garbage off the island when you leave with the exception of burnables and compost.

Kayaking – Open Bay and Beyond – 28 June 2017

Activity Kayaking
Destination Open Bay and Beyond
Date 28 June 2017, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Ann Sutton
Contact Info or 2117;  please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip
Description This trip will be dependent on weather. The plan is to paddle out around the Breton Islands, continue north to Village Bay, circumnavigate the island at Bold Point and head back south through Mould’s Bay.  This is a trip for paddlers with some experience with wind and comfortable sitting in kayaks for a length of time.
Meeting Place Open Bay; please park on the road
Departure Time Arrive at 10:00 for a 10:30 departure
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: Bring lunch and water.  Bring all necessary gear to meet the Coast Guard requirements and to ensure safety.  Don’t forget your spray skirt!

Hiking – Mt. Seymour – 19 July 2017

Activity Hiking
Destination Mt. Seymour on north end of Quadra
Date 19 July, 2017, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Mark Zimmerman / Kathryn Manry
Contact Info 285-22103.  Please contact the coordinator prior to the trip.
Description Hike up to the summit of Mt Seymour. We will do this as a loop (to include Nugedzi Lakes) if car pooling permits. This is a moderately demanding hike with an elevation gain of about 425 metres and about 12 km for the loop route. The trail is steep in places but there is no scrambling.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot
Departure Time 9:00 am
Moderately difficult
Costs none other than possibly offering to share gas expense for car pooling
Trip limits 12
Dogs? Very well behaved or on leash (bring a leash)
Notes: Bring lunch and lots of water.

Hiking – Morte Lake Loop – 12 July 2017

Activity Hiking
Destination Morte Lake Loop
Date 12 July, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Julie Mellanby
Contact Info 285-3978; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip
Description We will hike the official Morte Lake loop, with opportunities for a picnic lunch and swimming.  4 to 5 hours.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:30
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? okay
Notes: Bring lunch and something to swim in, if you want to.


Hiking – Maud Island- 24 June 2017

Activity Hiking
Destination Maud Island
Date 24 June 2017, Saturday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info or 3710.  Please contact the coordinator prior to the trip.
Description Hike to Maud Island to view Seymour Narrows at a 15.9 knot flood tide at 15:17.  This will be an unusually big current.  The hike is always interesting with the varied forest and terrain, Mt. Lolo, the causeway to Maud Island, the salt water lagoon and the history of the Ripple Rock explosion.  Allow 5 hours, including driving, for this walk of approximately 10km.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 12:30
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? No
Notes: Bring a snack and poles if you use them.

Trip Report – Shellalligan Trail – 14 June 2017

The scheduled Beech’s Mountain loop was postponed due to a weather forecast of showers. Instead the group of eight hikers and two dogs hiked the Shellalligan trail. As it turned out, the weather was fine – cloudy and a bit breezy in exposed places, but no rain. We walked along the open rock shelves adjacent to Hoskyn Channel, with good views eastward to Read Island and Dunsterville Island. Further along, we had long views south to Marina Island, Mitlenatch Island and beyond. As the trail turned west and inland a bit we entered Village Bay. Sitka spruce made an appearance along the trail, and numerous very large and gorgeous maple trees greeted the group.   We dropped down to a rocky beach on Village Bay for lunch. The second half of the loop took us through varied forest of different species and age classes, very lush and green at this time of year. Trip time was three hours; 4.7 km. We convened at the home of Valerie and Allard Van Veen in Open Bay for tea and cake, with great views of Open Bay and good conversation. Thank you Valerie!


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