Paddling/Hiking/Camping – Main Lakes Provincial Park – 9-11 June 2022

Activity Multi-day Paddling/Hiking/Camping
Destination Main Lake Provincial Park
Date 9-11 June, Thursday to Saturday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info or 3710; please contact the coordinator by Monday night
Description We will set up camp at Main Lake and spend three days exploring by hiking and paddling.  Destinations can vary with the group’s interests.  We hope to explore a new area.
Meeting Place Mine Lake boat launch
Departure Time On the water by 10:30
Moderate depending on weather
Costs No camping fee before June 15th
Trip limits 8
Dogs? No
Notes: This multi-day trip is relatively easy on a local lake, but requires good paddling and camping gear.

Hiking – Mine Lake Bluff – 15 June 2022

Activity Hiking
Destination Mine Lake Bluff
Date 15 June 2022, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info or 3710; please contact the coordinator by Monday night.
Description We will hike through the Camp Homewood site on Mine Lake and then move steeply up to great views from the bluff. We return with a loop down the north side following under the cliffs.  This is a hike with lots of variety.
Meeting Place Parking area north of the Mine Lake boat launch
Departure Time 10:00
Moderate, with some challenging spots on the steep hike up.  There is some exposure in a few places.
Costs none
Trip limits 10
Dogs? no
Notes We will not do this trip in wet weather. If you are not comfortable with heights, this won’t be a good hike for you.

Trip Report – Gowlland Harbour – 21 May 2022

This trip was rescheduled from May 11 and this time the weather was perfect. The first paddle of the summer in bright sunshine with a light breeze. Three kayaks met the other two kayaks at April Point Marina. From there we went up the west side of Gowlland Island to Steep Island.

Between Steep and Gowlland we found a three meter wooden dinghy barely floating. One gunwale was a few inches above the surface while the other side was a few inches below. The stern and bow were also only marginally above water. The decision was made that we should move it out of the passage and the Gong Show began. Being submerged it was very hard to tow and constantly weaved back-and-forth. Finally with two kayaks towing and one on each side keeping it moving straight, we got it to the north end of Gowlland Island.

We then proceeded to May Island and around the north end of Gowlland Harbour. Jill Sampson was very gracious and allowed us to have lunch on her beach. After lunch we weaved down through the smaller islands looking at the spring flowers. The nicest seem to be on Stag Island.

The group stopped at my place and had refreshments and snacks on the deck. From there the paddlers went to each of their own launching spots. About four hours and six nautical miles travelled.


Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Kayaking – Gowlland Harbour – 21 May 2022

BC Trail Day – 4 June, Saturday

We encourage you to celebrate BC Trail Day on Saturday, June 4th by enjoying Quadra’s amazing trail system.  BC Trail Day is part of a larger, international celebration.  Quadra is particularly fortunate to have an amazing trail system built and maintained over many decades by the Trail Committee.  The Trail Committee dates back to the 1980s.  Building the Morte Lake trail in 1986, with the assistance of Forestry and government grants, was a milestone in the development of a trail system, which grew to include other trails on Crown land using old logging roads.  As the system has expanded, so has the volunteer base.  Over the last three years, more than 2,000 hours have been devoted each year by 50 to 60 volunteers to maintain and improve the trails.  The Quadra trail system has now developed to include a network of mountain bike trails and paths to access rock climbing routes.  The Quadra Island Outdoor Club began 10 years ago, taking advantage of this great trail infrastructure and the amazing forests, lakes and views we have.  Normally there is a trip each week throughout the year. 

There are many ways for you to participate in supporting and enjoying our trails.  Volunteers to help with the maintenance of the trail system are always appreciated by the Trail Committee and the community at large.  If you are interested in volunteering to work on trails, you could contact John at 250-285-3897.

Another possibility is to join the Outdoor Club for a hike on Saturday, June 4th.  We will have a variety of hikes, at different levels of difficulty, available for you to join.  You do not need to be a member of the Club to participate.  We particularly encourage those who are new to the trail system to join us for an outing.   We will be meeting at the southwest corner of the Community Centre parking lot at 10:00.  Because of COVID we are unable to offer carpooling.  If possible, please RSVP to about your plans to participate.

An alternative option is to get a trail map from Aroma Café or Robin at 250-204-0748 and venture out on your own, whenever that is convenient for you.  Although the winter clean-up is still a work in progress on some trails, most trails are well maintained and easy to follow on your own or with your friends.  And always remember to leave the places you pass through as beautiful as you found them.

Hiking – Ripple Rock – 8 June 2022

Activity Hiking
Destinatio Ripple Rock Trail, Campbell River
Date 8 June Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Diana McKerracher
Contact Info
Description Ripple Rock Trail starts 16 km north of Campbell River. It is a moderate hike of just over 9 km, taking 4 to 4.5 hours return. There are several metal bridges, and a 47-step staircase near the top.
Meeting Place QCove ferry line up
Departure Time 9:00 ferry
Costs Ferry and gas
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No
Notes: Please let me know on Monday, June 6 if you plan to come on this hike. We can carpool to save on ferry and gas costs, but only if we know ahead of time who is going. If it looks like ferry overloads are going to be a huge issue, we will propose a different hike here on Quadra. Bring a lunch and dress for the weather.

Paddling – Bretons and Beyond – 1 June 2022

Rescheduled from March 23rd

Activity Paddling
Destination Bretons and beyond
Date 1 June, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Vic Gladish
Contact Info; 250-285-2111; text 250-287-0459
Description This could be short or long depending on the weather and the group! A calm day could allow us to aim for Dunsterville Islet, then Breton Islands and back. An iffier day could see us meander through Hyacinthe, Open and Moulds before a lunch break at Breton Island then return.
Meeting Place Len Road Shore Access
Departure Time Meet at 9:00; 9:30 am on the water
Easy to moderate
Costs None
Trip limits 8
Dogs? Only very strong swimmers!
Notes: Please contact the trip coordinator 48 hours before the trip to confirm your attendance. A go/no go decision that reflects the weather forecast will be made by noon the day preceding the trip date.
Must have equipment that meets club and coast guard regulations. Bring lunch and gear for the weather.

Hiking – Shellaligan Pass Loop – 4 May 2022

Postponed due to weather.

Activity Hiking
Destination Shellaligan Pass long loop
Date 4 May, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Valerie Van Veen
Contact Info 250 285 2329
Description A classic Quadra Island hike, we follow the coastline then head inland, we will take the long loop through the woods, coming out onto an old logging road, then back to the main logging road to our cars, About 3 hours.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot or logging road turnoff on Valdes Road
Departure Time 10 am: meet at Heriot Bay store parking lot to carpool (see notes); 10:20 meet at turn off to logging road on Valdes Road
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? Must not run through group; must be under control; dogs and owners will go ahead of group.
Notes: Must confirm with coordinator by MONDAY MAY 2, 9 pm, so I can confirm any carpooling arrangements. I will meet the group at the logging road turnoff on Valdes Road at 10:20. Bring snacks and lunch, this hike will be comfortably paced to enjoy the varied scenery. Weather permitting we will take a break early on to enjoy the coastal view before heading inland. Hopefully the whales will make an appearance again!

Hiking – Mt. Seymour – 25 May 2022

Activity Hiking
Destination Mt. Seymour
Date 25 May 2022, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Vic Gladish
Contact Info; 250-285-2111; text 250-287-0459
Description We will meet at store and then drive the half hour out to trailhead. We will go out and back the lower route so it will be easier. About 9km and 4 hours including lunch. I am told there is some blowdown on the trail so be prepared for that.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot
Departure Time 1000 meet up; on the trail by 1030
Costs Nil
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No
Notes: Bring lunch, poles if you use them, and gear appropriate for the weather.

Kayaking – Gowlland Harbour – 11 May 2022

Rescheduled to 21 May

Activity Kayaking
Destination Gowlland Harbour
Date 21 11 May 2022, Saturday Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 250-285-2029 or
Description This will be our spring flowers tour of Gowlland Harbour. As it has been a cold spring I am hoping that the sea blush will be in full bloom. We will zig zag among the smaller islands of Fawn, Crow, Wren and Mouse as well as the larger ones. There will not be large currents so may go around Gowlland Island as well. This trip will be weather dependant so be sure and contact me by the evening of the 9th. 8 – 10 km; 3 to 4 hours.
Meeting Place April Point Marina
Departure Time Meet at 9:30, leave at 10:00
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No
Notes: Bring all gear as required by the Coast Guard as well as lunch.

Trip Report – Main Lake – 22 Apr 2022

At the last minute, the trip coordinator was unable to come on the trip, but the remaining seven paddled out from the Mine Lake boat launch through the narrows and across Main Lake to a grassy pullout through the brush.  The morning was very calm and relatively warm.  From there, we hiked a short distance, starting along Clear Lake Creek.  We followed a flagged route most of the way to two big trees: a Douglas fir with a circumference of 8 metres and a Western Red Cedar with a circumference of 7.2 metres.  It seemed a fitting destination for Earth Day.  We briefly wandered through the open forest of Main Lake Provincial Park to a bluff and then returned to the shore for lunch.  Four of the group returned directly to the vehicles and the other three paddled along the shore to the east, exploring camping possibilities and trailheads.  We didn’t see another person during the paddle or the hike and it was a lovely peaceful trip.  11.0 km; 4 hours

Thanks to Norris, Terry and Jonathan for the photos.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Paddling/Hiking – Main Lake Provincial Park – 22 Apr 2022