Hiking – Hopespring-Thompson Trail loop – 21 Feb2018

Activity Hiking
Destination Hopespring-Thompson Trail loop
Date 21 Feb 2018, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Sandra Burns
Contact Info sandraburns.ca@gmail.com
Description This is a classic loop on official trails, with lots of variety: a big descent, old growth Douglas fir, some optional views, creeks, and forest.  The hike will be about two hours.
Meeting Place Hopespring trailhead
Departure Time 10:00
Fairly short and undulating
Costs none
Trip limits none
Notes: Bring a snack and poles if you use them.

Trip Report – Mt. Washington – 14 Feb 2018

Another day in Paradise – Meadows and surrounding area.  Six of us enjoyed the warm sunshine and clear views, provided by the fresh north wind for some show-shoeing and cross-country skiing.  The few centimetres of snow from the night before provided excellent conditions.  The snow-shoers did the Great Big View loop and the Snow Paws trail.  5.9 km, 2½ hours, plus lunch.  The skier did a loop of the Ponds, Paradise Meadows, Jack Rabbit, and later, Jutland.  Approx 15km.  We had lunch on the sunny balcony at Raven Lodge with great views and Whiskey Jacks.

– Norris

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Snow – Mt. Washington – 14 Feb 2018

Trip Report – Maud Island – 8 Feb 2018

The weather forecasters promised much better weather if we postponed this trip one day, so we did and they were right. The wet winds from the southeast shifted to dry winds from the northwest, and the day was sunny, with clear sky and views of the mountains with all their fresh snow.

Seven of us made the trek to the Maud Island viewpoint overlooking Seymour Narrows and the Ripple Rock site.  We did the hike as a loop, stopping at the Mt. Lolo bluff on the way out and continuing through the forest and over the causeway to Maud Island.  We were impressed with how much tidal action there was only a half-hour after slack water, with the wind against tide.  A group of sea lions used the calmer water right beneath the cliffs to relax and play.  We had lunch at the viewpoint, including Les’ wonderful smoked salmon, and then returned via the Saltwater Lagoon.  10.1 km; 4⅓ hours.

– Norris

Photos by Norris and Les

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Hiking – Maud Island – 7 Feb 2018

Gear Swap – Quadra Community Centre – 22 April 2018

Activity Gear Swap
Location Quadra Community Centre, main hall
Date & time 22 April 2018, Sunday; 10:00 – 2:00
Event Coordinator Valerie van Veen and Darcy Mitchell
Contact Infomation mitchelldarcy51@gmail.com and vvv@qisland.ca.  Please contact both by e-mail for questions and registration.
For sellers, the registration deadline is April 20th.
If you want to be a seller, click here for the registration form
Description Either as a buyer or seller, come to the gear swap.   Outdoor gear may include equipment and clothing for land, water, air activities but NO MOTORIZED equipment and NO indoor exercise equipment.  You don’t have to be a member to participate.

Hiking – Miracle Beach & Salmon Point – 28 March 2018

Activity Hiking
Destination Miracle Beach and Salmon Point
Date 28 March 2018, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 285-2029.  Please contact coordinator 2 days ahead as schedule may change.
Description We will drive to Miracle Beach and walk along the ocean to Black Creek. This is a short 3.5 km walk up the creek and thru the campground. We will then drive to Salmon Point and have lunch.
Afterward we will do the 7 km walk along the ocean to Oyster River and back. This goes by a Ducks Unlimited area so is good for bird watching.
Meeting Place Quathiaski ferry terminal
Departure Time Early enough for 10:00 ferry car-pooling
Costs The shared ferry, fuel cost and your lunch. Their menu is online.
Trip limits none
Dogs? Must be on a leash due to the birds.
Notes: This is along the ocean so not a good walk for heavy wind and/or rain.

Kayaking Training – Main Lake Provincial Park – 6 June 2018

Activity Kayak training session
Destination Main Lake Provincial Park
Date 6 June 2018, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell; Instructor Douglas Taylor
Contact & Registration Info mitchelldarcy51@gmail.com
Please contact Darcy no later than May 15 to receive a registration form for one or both sessions. Payment in full must accompany registration; registration deadline is May 25. Payment is non-refundable, unless you are able to find someone to take your place by the registration deadline.
Description 1) Three hour training/refresher on assisted kayak rescue and self-rescue. The session will begin with a review of basic safety and paddling skills.
2) Introduction to the Greenland Paddle (3 hours). Ever wondered about paddling with “a stick”? Paddles will be provided by the instructor for an introduction to paddling technique and when/where the Greenland paddle is most useful. Tip – the G.P. is reputed to be kind to aging shoulders….
Meeting Place Boat launch at Mine Lake
Departure Time Meet at the boat launch by 8:30 to be ready to start at 9:00 for the morning session.
The afternoon session starts at 12:30 p.m.
Costs $60+GST=$63 per person for one session or $105+GST=$110.25 for both sessions
Trip limits 8 people per session
Dogs? No
Notes: All participants must provide their own kayaks and all safety equipment, including PFD, paddle float, pump, sponge, whistle. Wet suits are strongly advised (if you need a wetsuit, the trainer or other club members may have spares to loan – mention to Darcy when you register). Bring warm drinks and warm clothing as we can get pretty chilled.

Trip Report – Haskins Farm Loop – 31 Jan 2018

The seven of us went on this short, easy hike on one of the better official trails.  We started out on the trail through forest and meadow, and descended the steep switchbacks to the water.  After admiring the rather wintry view, we followed the short trail to the north along the shore, past some fine old growth trees, then returned back up the hill.  We turned north again and followed the logging road.  We took the short side trip to the Todd Scharf memorial trail and then followed the logging road west, back to the cars, beating the start of the rain. This is a short, classic hike with lots of variety in the forest and views.  4.5 km; 1⅔ hours.


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Hiking – Haskin’s Farm Loop – 31 Jan 2018