Trip Report – Main Lake Prov Park – 20 June 2019

Although the wind was blowing about 15 knots, five kayakers decided to to give it a try as the day was otherwise beautiful. We started at Mine Lake boat launch and headed to the creek joining Village Bay Lake. The water level is low but it was out of the wind. As we entered the lake we were treated to watching a osprey hunt for about five minutes. They are such fast and graceful birds. He would swoop and hover, swoop and hover as he watched for prey and then dive at great speed to hit the water. After a few tries up he came with a fish in his talons and carried it off to the nest.

We then traveled back the creek and entered the channel to Main Lake. Here we pushed straight into the wind and waves. It was a challenge and work but also gave us some good practice in rough water. Upon reaching the small island to the west of Big Sandy we decided to take a break and have lunch. As we ate the wind came up more so decided to paddle back to Mine Lake. It was so much easier going with the wind back to the vehicles. About 3 hours and 4.5 nautical miles.


Thanks to Norris and Les the photos

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Kayaking – Main Lake Prov Park – 20 June 2019


Trip Report – Mt. Sweat & Coast Mtn Lookout – 19 June 2019

We began the outing by exploring the Kellerhals’ farm from the barn down to the water, encountering gardens and farm animals on the way. Heather showed us the quickest way up to the Pond, taking old, wide logging roads and smaller paths. After admiring the Pond we began the route up Mt. Sweat. This clambers up a steep bluff and then undulates along a ridge to a wonderful lookout with views through 270°. The day was mostly sunny and very windy from the northwest. We stopped for lunch and then followed a very basic route, steeply down to Kolker Main. We soon left the logging road and re-entered the Kellerhals property, following an old, wide trail to the Coast Mountain Lookout. After descending back to the farm, we stopped to enjoy Heather’s wonderful trees and her garden. She then invited us to sit on her deck and enjoy some refreshments. It was a lovely, social day.  7.3 km; about 4 hours moving time.


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Hiking – Mt. Sweat & Coast Mtn Lookout – 19 June 2019

Trip Report – Main Lake from Surge Narrows Rd- 13 June 2019

Seven members and two dogs hiked the path from the Surge Narrows Road to Main Lake.  The route was dry and in good condition, with the usual deadfall trees to climb over, under, or go around.  It was cool in the shade of the forest.  The forest has several notable big Fir trees and an open understory.  After lunch at the lake, four of us walked to Yeatman Bay, three of us stayed at the beach to swim and nap.  The dogs split up.  We saw a mink emerge from Yeatman Bay and run into the forest.  At the Main Lake beach we were out of the wind, but we could see lots of whitecaps further out.  9.8 km; 4½ hours.


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Hiking – Main Lake from Surge Narrows Rd- 13 June 2019

Trip Report – Mine Lake Bluff – 5 June 2019

Seven hikers headed out in mixed weather. It had rained earlier but the trail had dried up and the lake level was low. We stopped at Camp Homewood to look at their new dock and cabin then proceeded up the hill. The rocks on the steep portion were dry which greatly helps the climb up. There were overcast skies at the top but the views were great. During lunch a dark cloud blew in and let loose a deluge for 20 minutes that soaked us. As it slowed down we descended down the back side of the hill. The huge maple by the cliff is always impressive. By the time we returned to the vehicles there were sunny breaks. All in all it was a good hike. 5 km, 3½ hours


Thanks to Les for the photos

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Hiking – Mine Lake Bluff – 5 June 2019

Multi-day Hiking – Woss Lookout and Huson Caves – 16-18 July 2019

This is a preliminary trip description and will be refined when more information is available.

Activity Multi-day campground-based hiking
Destination Woss Lookout and Huson Caves
Date 16-18 July 2019, Tuesday to Thursday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info or 3710.  Please let the coordinator know as soon as possible if you are interested in this trip, so that you can have input about activities.
Description The details of this trip will depend on those that participate.  At a minimum, we will visit the Woss Lookout and the Huson Caves.  For more detail see the 2018 trip report:   We may also visit other convenient areas of interest such as the White River Provincial Park.
It may also be possible to join the group and do some of this as a day-trip.
Meeting Place The destination campground, which will likely be the Woss Lake Campground
Departure Time Flexible
Difficulty Varied: Woss Lookout is short, but steep.  The Huson Caves are easy.
Cost Transportation costs (ferries, fuel) and maybe camping fees
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No

Multi-day Hiking – 5040 Peak – 2-4 July 2019

Activity Multi-day hut-based hiking
Destination 5040 Peak
Date 2-4 July 2019, Tuesday to Thursday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info or 3710.  Please contact the coordinator as soon as possible if you are interested. Anyone joining after June 25th may need to make their own transportation and food arrangements.
Description We will hike up to the new Alpine Club of Canada hut on Tuesday and stay two nights.  This should give us a day and a half  to explore this alpine area with great views.  The hike up climbs 700 m in about 2.5 km following the Cobalt Trail.  There are two sections with fixed ropes.
Meeting Place Quadra ferry terminal to Campbell River
Departure Time TBD, probably early
Difficulty The hike up will be strenuous
Cost Transportation costs (ferries, fuel)  The cost for the hut is $25/night for a non-Alpine Club member.
Trip limits Available beds in the hut
Dogs? No
Notes: Each participant needs to make their own arrangements to stay at the hut.  There are only 12 beds, so don’t put it off if you are interested.  For hut availability check:
To book, phone:
403-678-3200 ext 0 between 8:30 am and 9:30 pm

Trip Report – Village Bay – 29 May 2019

Six kayakers put in at Len Road and across a low tide exposed beach on a beautiful spring morning – sunny and warm. Because we found ourselves in very calm conditions as we crossed Hyacinthe Bay, and with the forecast not calling for significant wind until late afternoon, we made the decision to add Dunsterville Islet to our itinerary. It took about an hour to reach the islets and we decided to land on the smaller of the two to explore and have a short break. We found excellent campsites, a profusion of wildflowers of many kinds, a pair of oystercatchers and the inevitable plastic junk. An hour later (not such a short break) with two hatches full of trash and many flower photos taken, we headed back across a still calm Hoskyn Channel with our sights set on Village Bay and lunch. The views in all directions were fabulous and only slightly obscured by smoke from very distant forest fires. We thought about going a little further on to Crescent Channel but time and hunger kept us on track for the beach, on Wei Wai Kai land, at the head of Village Bay. As we ate lunch in the hot sun and sheltered by the small island just offshore, the afternoon wind was picking up and we could see the water sparkling off in the distance. One brave swimmer tried the water.  We put in at 1300 and headed south into a rising tide and increasing southerly wind. The sparkly waves in the middle of Hoskyn soon sprouted whitecaps and we had a very different afternoon paddle. The changed conditions gave us some variety in our day and allowed one of the group to give her brand new kayak a good test. We took the seas broadside as we crossed Open Bay and then had the tide and the wind help us cruise into Hyacinthe and into the beach, now much closer to the parked vehicles. 17.2 km; 5½ hours.


Thanks to Norris, Vic and Terry for the photos

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Kayaking – Village Bay – 29 May 2019