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3 thoughts on “Trip Schedule

  1. Hi,
    unless somebody has other idea already, would you like to plan next hike to Campbell River? What’s on my mind is Canyon View trail (5km return trip) which we could combine with Millenium Trail and down to Elk Falls (adding another 6 km return), so the total would be 11 km. Or, We could continue from Elk Falls to Deer Falls and Moose Falls closing the loop and that would give us approximate total of 12-13 km return trip. Those trails are in excellent condition – nice footing and there are some hilly sections. I would estimate the time between 3-4 hours. There is no snow or mud on these trails at this time of year. Dogs go there on the leash as we have frequent sightings of wolves on the trail.
    Let me know what you think about it and should there be an interest I would not mind to organize this trip. Date is open…
    Cheers, Emily Toman

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