COVID-19 Pandemic – as of 8 May 2020

Here we are at the beginning of May with gorgeous weather. There are no Outdoor Club members as the membership year began May 1st, and there are no trips currently planned. With spring turning to summer it’s wonderful that Dr. Henry has recommended that people go outdoors and our local parks are soon reopening for day use. She has also said that individuals can somewhat increase the size of their social bubble. So what does that mean for the Outdoor Club?

Here are some personal opinions. We now know a bit more about the mysterious COVID-19 virus. We know that there are vulnerabilities based on medical conditions, age and gender, and that it is highly contagious. So for the vulnerable individual, or someone in a household with a vulnerable person, it’s no safer now than it was before. Each person will need to decide about how much exposure they are willing to tolerate.

A bubble of two to six people is not very large for the Outdoor Club to make outings work. As I interpret this, the two to six people would need to be stable and not changing each week. This guideline works better if people make their own small group and venture out together regularly.

It’s easier to maintain adequate physical distance in a kayak than hiking on a narrow trail. It’s quite difficult to talk while walking on a trail and maintain distance.

The Outdoor Club would like to facilitate people on Quadra to get out for exercise, and the other benefits of sunshine and the beauty of nature. But I think the new guidelines are still too restrictive to start up weekly trips.

If you wish to give feedback on any of this, please leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Pandemic – as of 8 May 2020

  1. Thank you Debbie for your thoughtful comments. Personally, I am happy to kayak with a small group or ‘silent hike’ for the exercise with one or two other people… email or phone me. Val

  2. Thanks Debbie, I have been hiking separately with Julie, Kathryn and possibly Sandra in future. We are all comfortable with this arrangement. I think hiking with more than 2 people would be too difficult. Even with 2 people it’s often a strain to hear the other person when you’re 2 m. apart. Hikes for me are social events with friends and I can’t imagine trying to have a conversation among 3 people when the first and last must remain 4 m. apart. Janis

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