Trip Photos – Mitlenatch Island 7 June 2013

Eight members took an impromptu trip to Mitlenatch Island Nature Reserve.  They travelled from Heriot Bay to Mitlenatch aboard the sailboat Knot Again under mostly sunny skies and moderate southeast breeze.  The group walked the trails on the island nature reserve, talked with the resident naturalists and took lots of photos.  There were Stellar Sea Lions on a nearby islet, many tiger lilies and other wild flowers in bloom, and Sea Gulls mating and nesting.  If you are interested in participating in a repeat of this trip, please e-mail to

(click on photos to view larger)


2 thoughts on “Trip Photos – Mitlenatch Island 7 June 2013

  1. OH YES What a great looking trip and yes would love to participate in another Mitlenatch trip. Great idea! Cheers Meg

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