Trip Report – Silent Carrington Bay & Grandmother’s Grove – 9 Dec 2019

Such a lovely three ladies silent hike at Carrington Bay, Cortes Island. We began with a meditation under the ancient maple tree at the entrance to the trail and then we began our silent hike. Stopping and truly seeing the old giants, visualizing the homestead, the care, hardwork and attention given to homesteading. Listening to the waterfall, the woodpeckers drilling away and later hearing the sound of the lagoon. We walked onto Grandmother’s Grove and ate our lunch near the water, lots of ducks on the lagoon. Those ancient trees towering above us, a lovely place to sit and we felt welcomed. Returning eventually to the trail and slowly making our way back. We ended our hike with a beautiful meditation. There is such a powerful eloquence in silence. A wonderful day.


Thanks to Sandra for the photos

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Hiking in Silence – Carrington Bay & Grandmother’s Grove – 5 Dec 2019

Trip Report – Carrington Bay & Grandmothers’ Grove – 2 Dec 2019

We tried, unsuccessfully, to change the date of this hike for better weather, but we ended up with a cold, grey, drizzly day.  Our group of 13 hiked along the old logging road stopping at the Borden homestead .  We continued on to Carrington Bay and the tidal lagoon, and crossed the narrow channel on the bridge as the very high tide was rushing in with a standing wave.  We wandered through the camping area and on to the peninsula with the swim rock.  The lagoon had ice on it and was incredibly silent.  We had a bone chilling lunch break on logs in the forest before we continued on to Grandmothers’ Grove, a beautiful old growth stand of spruce and cedar, in the James Creek drainage.  We followed the trail and logging roads back in a loop and made brisk time up the hill to the vehicles to catch the earlier ferry and stay warm. 8.5 km; 3 hours.


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Hiking – Carrington Bay & Grandmothers’ Grove – 2 Dec 2019

Trip Report – Eagle Ridge and Beyond Loop – 27 Nov 2019

Thirteen of us did the Eagle Ridge and Beyond loop on a crisp, frosty, sunny day.  After crossing the creek where the culverts washed out, we started with the “beyond” part, going up the mossy open ridge (in the warm sun) one ridge north of Eagle Ridge.  Then we descended down the open bands on the south side of that ridge and switched over to beneath the impressive cliffs of Eagle Ridge.  Then the route winds through a gap in the cliff defences and emerges at the top.  We had lunch at the Eagle Ridge summit, enjoying the views, and then took the trail back down, with a stop at the viewpoint overlooking the beaver ponds.  5.6 km, 3¼ hours.


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Hiking – Eagle Ridge Loop – 27 Nov 2019

Trip Report – Haskin’s Farm & Environs – 20 Nov 2019

On a sunny, cold morning 13 hikers and 3 dogs set out on the very familiar (to most) Haskin’s Farm trail. After quickly arriving at the beach and enjoying the mid-fall sunshine it was decided that we would visit the big trees along the beach trail, ascend to the top of the bluff and then explore the new trails. We forest bathed under the big Douglas firs then back-tracked to the switchbacks, regrouped and headed along the new trail that skirts the bluff, checked out the man made pond that is part of the new Golf Club development, walked the new trail through the future subdivision and eventually sat down for lunch at the clubhouse picnic tables and basked in the sunshine. Several hikers headed back to their cars and several headed around the golf course, bushwacked for 10 minutes, regained the Haskin’s Farm logging road close to the Todd’s Trail sign, and finished off our 3 hour outing. The new trails are a welcome addition to this classic Quadra hike. 8.5 km, 3 hours.


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Hiking – Haskin’s Farm Loop – 20 Nov 2019

Trip Report – Shellaligan Pass Loop – 13 Nov 2019

We had a big group of 14 people for this classic hike. The weather was overcast, but good for hiking.  We parked on Valdez Road and walked the logging road to the shorter loop trailhead. We hiked clockwise through the new and the old forest to Village Bay where we stopped for a short break.  We continued on the rocky trail with moss, lichen and water views.  We stopped again for lunch on the rocky bluffs at the corner of Village Bay and Hoskyn Channel where we enjoyed the view of the calm water and migrating ducks.  We  continued on the trail overlooking Hoskyn Channel stopping briefly at the small cove and then hiking back along the logging road to the vehicles.  6.7 km, 3 hours.

Julie Mellanby

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Hiking – Shellaligan Loop – 13 Nov 2019

Trip Report – South Morte Lake Loop – 6 Nov 2019

Nine of us and two dogs enjoyed another beautiful fall day for this highly varied and scenic hike.  We started up the steep bike trail, Morning Beer, and continued on Upper Deadfish.  The path travels through open forest and rocky, mossy bluffs with dappled light in the sunshine and a few great viewpoints.  We had lunch at the Deadfish summit and then descended Seven Sins and Nirvana to the hiking trail around Morte Lake.  After stopping briefly at Morte Lake, we ascended the South Bluff trail and followed along Mud and Reed Lakes to the Walcan Road.  We crossed and hiked along Yellow Mud to Jack Rabbit trails, connecting back to the parking lot.  There were lots of great views, but perhaps the most photogenic were the myriad mushrooms. If you know what they are, please let us know. It’s been a great fall for mushrooms and there were lots of Chanterelles collected for dinner on this hike.  9.2 km;  4 hours.


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Hiking – South Morte Lake Loop – 6 Nov 2019

Trip Report – North Gowlland Loop – 30 Oct 2019

Our group of nine hikers and two dogs had a beautiful fall day for this varied loop. We started at the bridge across the creek and climbed up Marlow’s logging road. We followed a flagged route over to the North Gowlland trail and made a side trip to Rousseau Ridge. We enjoyed great views of Discovery Passage, Vancouver Island and parts of Quadra. We carried on northwest along North Gowlland trail, crossing the foot bridge back over the creek and continuing up the Copperhead logging road to the mountain bike trail, Little Black Dress. We passed by the shallow trenches that were an open-pit copper mine and a small woodland lake before we climbed up a rise and had lunch in the sun on a mossy bluff. After lunch we meandered along the Little Black Dress trail, undulating through open forest. Four of our group had early deadlines, so they parted from us just before the Cash Only trail and headed down a logging road to return to their vehicle.

The rest of us followed the Cash Only trail down to the North Gowlland Road and crossed to the mountain bike trail behind the wetland, Lady Lumps. There were a few trees down on the trail, but it was a lovely walk back to the bridge. This mix of trails makes a great loop with lovely forest and lots of variety. 9.3 km; 3¾ hours.


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Hiking – North Gowlland Loop – 30 Oct 2019