Trip Photos – hiking Cortes 22-23 June 2013

On Saturday, six members hiked into Carrington Bay, checked out the narrows to the lagoon at a low tide and the campground.  Everyone continued on the Rave On trail to the Grandmothers’ Grove for lunch.  It’s a great forest with lots of old growth cedar, moss and bracket fungi.  After visiting the Gorge Harbour Marina, three returned to Quadra and the others stayed at the newly renovated campground at Smelt Bay Provincial Park.

Sunday dawned clear and calm at Smelt Bay.  The group hiked up Green Mountain for excellent views in all directions and took a side trip to Nutshell Lake, a lily pond/bog with some unusual plants in the area.  With more time and energy, the group carried on to Easter Bluff, a quick hike to great views to the east, and then on to Brigitte’s and Hank’s Beach.  There was even time for a walk on the beach at Seavista.

hiking Cortes 22-23 June 2013



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