Hiking – Nugedzi Lakes – 22 Aug 2015


Activity Hiking
Destination Nugedzi Lakes and overlooks
Date 22 Aug 2015, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info 285-3710 or debbie.quigg@ualberta.ca; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip
Description We will hike up the old logging road and into the forest.  This trip takes us through some old forest groves and on to the Nugedzi Lakes.  Hopefully, it will be warm enough for a swim.  We would like to visit both of the overlooks, which makes this a fairly long hike (about 12 km) with a moderate amount of elevation gain.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:30
Costs none
Trip limits none
Notes: Bring a lunch and possibly a bathing suit.



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