Trip Report – Santana Mine – 29 May 2023

Nine of us, including two guests, drove out to Bold Point, the start of the old Santana Mine Road.  Gabe and Karen generously offered for us to park on and cross their property to the trailhead.  The old road needed a bit of brush cutting and sawing, but we were very grateful to Alex and Ellen for their flagging and chainsawing.  We did a bit more work on it and it’s not too bad now.  After climbing the final rise below the mine, we had a snack at the viewpoint toward Vancouver Island and admired the Western tanager singing loudly in the tree in front of us.  We continued up the tailing slope and explored the mine with it’s colourful entrance, old rail tracks, and a few crickets.  There were no spiders this time.  

After we returned to the cars, doing a bit more trail work along the way, we drove to the old Bold Point trestle, where the Union Steamship used to dock.  The planking is seriously deteriorating, but it’s a beautiful vista onto Hoskyn Channel.

Thanks for all the community support for our hike out to the mine.  The mine trail was 3.3 km; 2¼ hours.


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Hiking – Santana Mine – 29 May 2023


Hiking – Heron Point and Mt. Sweat – 14 June 2023

Activity Hiking
Destination Heron Pt and Mt. Sweat loop
Date 14 June, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info or 3710  Please contact the coordinator by Monday night.
Description This is a short hike starting on Kolker Main. We will briefly follow a logging road, a short connector and a mossy bluff to Heron Point for great views of Hyacinthe Bay and the Chinese Mtn area.  From there we will take a cairned route through forest trails and rocky bluffs to Mt. Sweat. We descend to Kolker Main through open, forested slope and return to the vehicles on the logging road.  This is a view hike and will not be done in poor weather.  About 4 km; 2½ hours.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot.  We will drive out in a group.
Departure Time 10:00 or earlier if it’s hot
Mostly easy, but some interesting places on Mt. Sweat.
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No, some of this will be on private property.
Notes: Some of this trip is on private property and we thank Heather Kellerhals for allowing our visit to Chauntaluf Farm.  Bring gear appropriate for the weather and trail conditions, as well as lunch.

Trip Report – Maud Island and Petroglyphs – 18 May 2023

Five paddlers put in at Whalebone Cove and set off by 0900 on glassy seas, with bright sunshine, and warming temperatures. A beautiful summer day in the spring! And finally, after many attempts to undertake this trip, we were doing it.

Working with and against the ebbing current we made our way northward, close to shore and observing the life below. An hour’s paddling brought us to the fish farm near Maud Island and then we decided that our early lunch stop would be at the entrance to the saltwater lagoon which was at this point not navigable.

We then headed for “Kawston”, the ancient village site and its petroglyphs at the mouth of Morte Creek just east of Maud Island. Locating the flat-topped large rock with the quartz line was easy and on it was a fairly obvious petroglyph as indicated in Inglis’s little guide book. Over the next 45 minutes or so we searched for further examples and came up empty handed. However the many canoe pull outs were quite evident as we walked across the top of the beach.

As we paddled back, southward, with an increasingly strong flood current, we stayed close to shore and were passed by a solitary cetacean (porpoise?), spotted an otter, and a sea lion. We rode the fast current for several minutes, got pushed around by boils and whirlpools, and then cruised back into Whalebone Cove. 6½ hours and 17 km covered.

A fabulous outing!!


Thanks to Vic and Tak for the photos

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Kayaking – Maud Island and Petroglyphs – 18 May 2023

Trip Report – Open Bay Beach Clean-Up – 15 May 2023

Five hardy club members started early Monday morning, May 15, braving the unseasonal extreme heat to show our community pride by participating in Quadra’s Beach Clean-Up. We began at Big Beach in Open Bay where Les and Neil hauled two heavy piles of already collected debris from the beach-side trailhead back up the steep trail to our large collection bag. This pile turned out to be the most garbage we would see for the entire clean-up. The three beaches (Big, Redonda, and Valdes beaches) have obviously been well cleaned in the last few weeks, by other Island teams and/or the geology students from VIU.

Kudos to Debbie and Norris who made a valiant effort at Big Beach to remove the tires/styrofoam/wood remains of an old dock.  Too heavy and bulky to wangle up the steep hill, it was finally, regretfully, left at the beach above the high tide line.

Small amounts of debris were found at Redonda and Valdes beaches, dutifully packed into the big white bag for later disposal at the Beach Clean-Up event on May 27.

The heat on the exposed beaches precluded any socializing afterwards, so we all headed back to find our cool spots at home. (about 2.5 hours; about 27° C)

Valerie van Veen
Thanks to Valerie and Norris for the photos

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Beach Clean-up – Open Bay – 15 May 2023

Trip Report – Gowlland Harbour – 10 May 2023

Ten kayakers met at Gowlland Harbour resort for our spring wildflower paddle. It was a beautiful sunny summer day with only light wind. Gowlland Harbour Resort was very gracious and allowed us to launch from their beautiful Resort. Les had hurt his shoulder earlier in the week, so was not able to join the group on the water. He showed up to help everyone get launched, but Debbie shepherded the group on the water.

After launching we paddled over to Vigilant Island, where about half the group went ashore to explore the wildflowers. There were Sea Blush, Monkeyflowers, Death Camas, tiny Blue Eyed Marys, and Chocolate Lilies, so it was a great show. From there we crossed the channel to Steep Island and chatted with the couple on the three-masted sailboat before crossing the Gowlland Harbour entrance. We skirted the outside of May Island and got a glimpse of the submerged wreck, which was less than a metre under the water. We headed east across North Gowlland Harbour checking out the old stone house and glimpsing large anemones around the islets. The cliffs along the Quadra shore were a perfect rock garden in places, with sedum and Monkeyflowers on dripping walls. We dipped into the bay and chatted with Jill and Vibeke before paddling east around the islets in Gowlland Harbour where the Harbour Seals were basking on the rocks in the sun. Passing by two large sailboats at anchor, we continued on by Fawn, Stag and Doe Islands with the Sea Blush coming out and the Canadian Geese nesting.  As we landed at Les’ place, there were Geese with goslings making their way along the shore.

Les fixed appetizers for the group. We had Nan bread with cheese, ham and turkey, as well as rice crackers with cream cheese and crab, a mixed vegetable platter and cookies.  After that the group paddle back to Gowlland Resort. Les met them there to load up.  (11.2 km; 5 hours with all breaks)

Les and Debbie

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Kayaking – Gowlland Harbour – 10 May 2023

Hiking – Santana Mine – 29 May 2023

Change of start time to 9:00.

Activity Hiking
Destination Santana Mine
Date 29 May 2023, Monday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info or 3710. Please contact the coordinator by Saturday night.
Description We will hike to the historic Santana Mine from the Bold Point area.  The access routes are not maintained and range from old logging roads to trails up to the mine.  This outing combines a walk through a good forest and a mine with a horizontal shaft. The history of the mine is quite interesting.  Here is a link to the claim information:
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store
Departure Time 9:00 10:00
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Notes: Bring a flashlight.  Bring gear for the weather and lunch.

Multi-day Kayaking, Camping – Main Lake Prov Park- 6-8 June 2023

Activity Multi-day kayaking, camping and hiking
Destination Main Lake Provincial Park
Date 6-8 June 2023, Tuesday to Thursday
Trip Coordinator Vic Gladish
Contact Info; 250-285-2111; text 250-287-0459
Description We will set up camp at Main Lake and spend three days exploring by hiking and paddling. Destinations can vary with the group’s interests.
Meeting Place Mine Lake boat launch
Departure Time On the water at 1030 hr.
Difficulty Easy to moderate if windy
Trip limits 8
Dogs? No.
Notes: This multi-day trip is relatively easy on a local lake, but requires good paddling and camping gear. Bring footwear suitable for hiking (easy).

Ask coordinator about joining for just 1 or 2 days if you have a schedule conflict.

Trip Report – Hyacinthe Bay at Low Tide – 8 May 2023

On a beautiful spring day, eight of us enjoyed exploring Hyacinthe Bay on a 0.5 metre tide which revealed some history and intertidal life.  After arriving at Chauntaluf Farm, we sat on the deck of the Schoolhouse and talked about the history and ecology of the Bay.  About 25 years ago, the Kellerhals family noticed stakes in the stream channel at low tide.  These turned out to be the remnants of Indigenous fish traps which are several hundred years old.  We also talked about the nearly complete loss of eel grass in Hyacinthe Bay in the last 50 years.  This may be the result of a wasting disease, but it has immense consequences for the creatures who used to live there.

We wandered down to the tidal flats and almost immediately found many of the old stakes.  Although we couldn’t always see the pattern of how the trap would have worked, we were impressed with the resilience of the wood.  We found lots of oyster and clam shells, and further out there were sand dollars, mostly dead, but a few still black.  There were also many moon snail egg cases.  At the very edge of the water there was eel grass, some crabs and sea stars.  There was plenty of diversity .  

As the tide began to flood, we climbed ashore and visited a property which had recently been donated to the Regional District.  The cabin is still in quite good condition.  From there we followed a short trail leading back to the Farm.  We took the lovely, wide, grassy Maple Bay Road back to the vehicles.  This was a very easy relaxed day, giving us the time to enjoy the beautiful day and fascinating things on the shore.  (2.7 km; 2 hours)

Thanks so much for the invitation from Heather Kellerhals and all the help from Robyn.


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Hiking – Hyacinthe Bay at Low Tide – 8 May 2023

Beach Clean-up – Open Bay – 15 May 2023

Activity Beach Clean-up
Destination Open Bay
Date 15 May, Monday
Trip Coordinator Valerie van Veen
Contact Info 250 285 2329 778 242 5774
Description We will take the trail down from end of Marina to Big Beach, We will then drive (to save time) to end of Redonda and take beach trail to clean that beach, then drive down to end of Valdez to clean there. Either Redonda or Valdez beach will be our lunch spot. Depending on timing, weather, and enthusiasm, we can drive down the logging road to clean Shellaligan Beach as well. (it was done a few weeks ago but stuff is always washing in) On the way home, we can take the short hike to see the Old Growth trees off Valdez Road as a side-trip.
Meeting Place HB Foods parking lot OR end of Marina Drive
Departure Time 10 am HB Foods parking lot OR 10:20 am (approx) end of Marina Drive, Open Bay
Easy, beach walking, logs
Costs None
Trip limits None
Dogs? No
Notes: Large plastic collection bags will be provided. All debris collected will be emptied into the large white collection bag (as at the end of KDB trail) at my house (this process to be arranged amongst us at the time). Bring a box-cutter or similar knife to cut buried rope. Garden gloves recommended. The trail down to Big Beach is quite steep, so more challenging to bring stuff up. There is a stream crossing at Big Beach, wear appropriate footwear or go barefoot and bring a towel. Bring lunch/snacks/water, dress for the weather. Must contact coordinator by 5 pm Sunday, May 14 to participate. Only registered participants will be notified of any changes.

Kayaking – Gowlland Harbour – 10 May 2023

Activity Kayaking
Destination Gowlland Harbour
Date: 10 May 2023, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 250-285-2029 or
Description We will paddle around all of Gowlland Harbour, checking out the many small islands and the wonderful spring flowers. This will possibly take about four hours. Course will depend on weather. Be sure and sign up one day early so that I may contact you if things change. May stop at my house for appys and beverages.
Meeting Place 823 Gowlland Harbour Road
Departure Time 9:30 (unload and prepare at 9:00)
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No
Notes: Bring your kayak and all necessary safety equipment as per transport Canada safety rules. Bring a lunch and spray skirt as it might be needed. Only two vehicles can unload at the beach at one time, so please be on time. Gowlland Harbour resort has kindly granted us permission to use their boat launch for this trip. This is not a public access. Many thanks to Gowland Harbour Resort.