Kayaking – Hoskyn Channel – 15 Aug 2018

Activity Kayaking
Destination Hoskyn Channel
Date 15 August 2018, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Valerie van Veen
Contact Info vvv@qisland.ca; 250 285 2329
Description Two choices for this trip, depending first on winds, second on group preference.  IF wind not an issue: 1. launch from Len Rd Beach and go to Village Bay, return. 2. launch from Valdes Rd beach and cross Hoskyn Channel to Dunsterville Islets, return. Note that landings at Dunsterville can be more difficult due to lack of good beach, thus rocky/shells/mud possible.
Meeting Place See trip description
Departure Time Meet at launch at 8:30, launch by 9
Moderate, depends on trip
Costs None
Trip limits None
Dogs? No
Notes: Must have sea kayak and all required safety equipment as per Club guidelines. Bring water and lunch. Please CALL to indicate your preference; participants will be notified by phone on Tuesday to confirm which trip is a go.



Trip Report – Surge Narrows – 8 August 2018

Our group of five and a puppy hiked the short trail to see the Surge Narrows rapids at a 9.4 knot flood current. The day was very clear and extremely hot — 33° C in Campbell River. The turbulence was impressive and it was also interesting to watch the few boats that went through the rapids without waiting for slack water.  We walked beyond the first viewpoint, following the unmaintained route, to the next bay and returned to the vehicles. 4.7 km; 3½ hours.

Most of the group then drove back to Mine Lake for a swim.  It was lovely, but we had to stay in the water to stay cool.


Thanks to Les for the photos

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Hiking – Surge Narrows – 8 August 2018

Trip Report – Kanish Bay – 1 Aug 2018

After prior consideration of an inscrutable weather forecast, seven club members (including five men, possibly a trip record!) paddled out from the Granite Bay boat launch at 9 a.m. for a day of near-perfect conditions. We first headed to the Chained Islands to provide an easy return if conditions worsened and took a short break and a peek “outside”. The bay was so calm we decided to aim for Granite Point to see the pictograms and watch the activity as fishing boats headed out for a sockeye opening. We then paddled to Orchard Bay – a very picturesque spot with a huge midden, clam garden and abandoned homestead – where we enjoyed our lunch, and then headed back to Granite Bay, arriving at 3 p.m. Thanks to Norris and Les for the great photos!  17.6 km; 5¾ hours.

Darcy Mitchell

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Kayaking – Granite – Kanish Bays – 1 Aug 2018

Trip Report – Chinese and Beech’s Mountains – 3 Aug 2018

Five ambitious souls stared out early for a hike of all three peaks, North Chinese Mtn., South Chinese Mtn. and Beech’s Mtn. The weather was cool with some clouds but soon heated up. We went up to the north peak first. Since it has been so dry there is even more loose rock than usual. At the top we stopped for a short break and were treated to a nighthawk sighting. We then went down and up to the South Chinese overlook. Here we enjoyed the panoramic view that it always offers. From there we dropped to the Beech’s trail and continued up to the cliff viewing area. Here we had lunch and a rest while soaking in the scenery. After lunch we walked on up to the top of Beech’s Mtn. before going back down to the parking area. Total time including breaks was 4½ hours. 7.35km with 420M elevation gain


Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos

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Hiking – Chinese and Beech’s Mountains – 3 Aug 2018

Hiking – North, South Chinese & Beech’s Mtn – 3 August 2018

Activity Hiking
Destination Beech’s Mountain
Date 3 August 2018, Friday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 250-285-2029 leshand.@gicable.com
Description We will be going up North Chinese Mt. then up South Chinese Mt.
From there we will descend to the Beech Mtn. trail and go up to Beech summit. This hike will be approx. 7.4 km and up 430 meters. It will take about three and a half hours depending on the group.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot
Departure Time Meet at 8:30, to begin the hike at 9:00
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: Good hiking footwear is recommended as there is loose rock. Hiking poles may help, if you like.
I apologize for the late posting of this trip but was waiting for cooler weather.

Trip Report – Village Bay Lakes and Main Lake Park – 23 July 2018

Six people met at the Village Bay Lake ramp at 8:30 and were on the water by 9 a.m. to beat some of the heat. Now that the temperature is reaching 30 degrees it is just too hot late afternoon to have a comfortable paddle. It was a beautiful clear day though with a slight breeze. We paddled up the right side of the lake going into each bay. It is amazing how many houses have been renovated on the lake in the last few years. There are also some new ones. Many are quite unique and some even have ladder trolleys to move goods up to the house. From Village Bay Lake the group paddled through the shallow creek to Mine Lake. There were a couple of blue herons in the reeds that were not bothered by our passing. The water level is quite low and a boat with motor would have a hard time not hitting sticks or the bottom in some areas.  We then proceeded to the big sand beach at the entrance to Main Lake for lunch. There were a few tents pitched there but plenty of room for our group.

We took the same path back, but went down the opposite side of Village Bay Lake. There are many nice houses and cottages on that side as well. In total we traveled 11.4 km and were gone 3.5 hours.


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Kayaking – Village Bay Lake and Main Lake Park – 23 July 2018

Trip Report – Newton Lake and Waiatt Bay – 18 July 2018

Seven club members and one guest made an early start on this hike, leaving the Newton Lake trail head about 8:45, after assembling at the Heriot Bay Store at 8 a.m. We stopped at the ‘swimming rock’ for a short break, then hiked down the trail to Small Inlet. A couple of boats were anchored in the inlet, along with one of the Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS) tall ships. As we arrived, a flotilla of small rowing boats were heading to shore, presumably taking their crew for a hike up to the lake. We beat a hasty retreat to Waiatt Bay for lunch, then followed the portage trail past the bubbling spring and crossed the beach to reunite with the trail leading back to Newton Lake. We met the 70 SALTS (who were very polite) heading downhill as we climbed up, and arrived at the lake to find it restored to its usual quiet. Several hikers took a refreshing (!) dip, and we arrived back at the cars about 2:45.  13.7 km; 6 hours.


Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos

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Hiking – Newton Lake and Beyond – 18 July 2018