Trip Report – Overload Hike south of Walcan Rd – 9 Jan 2023

The good news was that Les’s scheduled Eagle Ridge hike was quickly filled, so two of the six Club members on the (unprecedented?) wait list decided to hike together, opting for the lovely forest trails south of Walcan Road. We set off on Jack Rabbit to Yellow Mud down to NightHawk Lake.  The recent heavy rains ensured that the trail was suitably “muddy” and, in places, virtually a small creek. We were delighted to see a small flock of six Trumpeter Swans gliding peacefully on Nighthawk Lake. After turning around at the logging road, we took Dicks Ride up the ridge, keeping right onto Cash Only, then right onto Plaything to wind our way back downhill to join up with Yellow Mud. At the junction leading to Plaything we were shocked to see clear cuts and new, wide gravel roads where there had been forest just a year ago. GPS, a map app, and mountain biking knowledge helped us reconnect with the forest trail “Plaything”. We returned to our cars just as the rain began again. Altogether a beautiful hike, and wonderful to know that 10 more members of our Club were also out enjoying our amazing trails.   2.5 hours

Valerie van Veen

Thanks to Valerie  for the photos.

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