Trip Report – Heriot Ridge Loop – 29 Mar 2023

On a bright and sunny spring day, eight people started out to hike the Heriot Ridge Loop with some side attractions. After climbing up to the ridge on Hopespring Trail, we descended down the other side, turning right on Gowlland Harbour Trail and on to the first small bridge. From there we sidetracked a few hundred yards to look at the stand of 19 old growth trees that managed to survive the big fire of 1925. We then progressed on to look at the Three Sisters, that are some of the largest old growth trees on the Island. A short way down the path we turned left to go into a small creek valley, where there is another stand of old-growth trees. Back on the main path, we continued on to the turn off to Rousseau Ridge. We hiked to there to have a lunch while taking in the magnificent scenery. With our lunches, we enjoyed an appetizer of crackers, cream cheese, and smoked sockeye salmon.

After lunch, we hiked back to Thompson Trail and continued down it to the turn off for the Heriot Ridge Route. There is more open bluff hiking as you head up the ridge to the overlook where a bench has been placed. We paused to enjoy the view before hiking on back to our vehicles. (8.1 km, 4½ hours) 


Thanks to Les and Norris for the photos.

Click on photos to enlarge

Hiking – Heriot Ridge Loop – 29 March 2023


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