Trip Report – Carrington Bay & Grandmothers’ Grove – 1 May 2023

Eight of us were very happy to return to this hike on Cortes after a long break.  The weather was perfect for hiking and the trails were in very good condition although there were the usual large puddles on the logging road.  We enjoyed the excellent forest along the old road down to Carrington Bay, stopping briefly at the old Borden homestead.  We were impressed by the new aluminum bridge across the outlet from the lagoon. In a few years this crossing went from a slippery log, to the wooden bridge to this metal bridge.  There was some good variety of intertidal creatures to view at the lagoon exit before we made our way over to the granite rock on the lagoon for lunch.  It was wonderfully warm and quiet as we enjoyed lunch and the water birds.  We continued around the lagoon on a trail through the mossy Children’s Forest to the Grandmothers’ Grove.  The old trees and James Creek were very beautiful and serene.  We followed the trail until it joined the logging road ascending the hill back to the vehicles.  We hurried a bit at the end and were able to return on the earlier ferry.  9.2 km; 3½ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Carrington Bay & Grandmothers’ Grove – 1 May 2023


3 thoughts on “Trip Report – Carrington Bay & Grandmothers’ Grove – 1 May 2023

  1. Great
    It sounds like you had a wonderful hike with a great group of people. The pictures are beautiful, especially the new bridge and the water creatures.
    Live Free Offgrid

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