Backpacking Mt Albert Edward 31Aug – 2Sept 2013

Activity backpacking
Destination Mt. Albert Edward
Date Saturday-Monday, 31 Aug-2 Sept 2013
Trip Coordinator Will laVigne
Contact Info 250 203 3530, email
Please contact the trip coordinator well in advance of this trip.
Description The hike from parking lot to summit is 16 km, the distance from parking lot to Circlet Lake is 3-4 hr of easy to moderate hiking.  Set up camp at Circlet Lake and on second day go to summit which is 3-4 hrs one way.  The third day is time to head back.
Meeting Place Quadra ferry
Departure Time 6:15 or 7:05 ferry
Easy to moderate
Costs Ferry plus $10/person a night to tent on platforms.
Trip limits 4-6 people
Dogs? no
Notes: This will be a very busy weekend up there so the earlier the better to get a campsite.  If there is no space at Circlet Lake then we have to go back 2.2 k to Kwai Lake. Bring water filter as you can swim in the lake.  Fishing is allowed.  Plan on bringing water for summit round trip as there is greater chance of no water at summit.  Bring poles for the summit descent if you use them.  There are toilet pits, bear cache/wire.  No fires.Please google or check trail books about this hike.

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