Hike – Forbidden Plateau Lakes – 17 Aug 2016

Activity Hiking
Destination Loop to include eight lakes on Forbidden Plateau in Strathcona Park
Date 17 August 2016, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info debbie.quigg@ualberta.ca or 250-3710; it is important that you contact the trip coordinator not later than Sunday, 14 Aug.
Description This is a moderate, but long day hike of 16-19 kilometers round trip with a few steep, rooty sections. Estimated hiking time is 7 hours, plus breaks. The hike is planned as a loop, moving counter-clockwise. Starting at the Friends of Strathcona Visitor Centre we will hike to Helen Mackenzie, Hairtrigger, Kwai, Mariwood, Croteau, Lady, Kooso, and Battleship Lakes and before returning to the parking lot.   Hopefully the weather will encourage swimming in some of these Lakes.
Meeting Place Ferry parking lot on Quadra Island at 7:30 a.m. for car pooling for 8 a.m. ferry sailing
Departure Time As soon as we can
Difficulty Moderate terrain with some steep sections & long day
Costs Ferry and carpooling costs
Trip limits 12; make sure to sign up early.
Dogs? Dogs are permitted, but must be on a leash at all times due to Park regulations
Notes: This is a lovely hike through sub-alpine plateau, with beautiful lakes and great views.


Trip Report – Mt. Washington – 7 Apr 2016

The wonderful, though late, snow at Mt. Washington was too much to resist. Four of us went for one last snowshoe outing, a day later than planned, but it was worth it for the great weather. The ski resort was closed during weekdays, but the conditions were very good – lots of snow, warm, but not slushy. We headed across the meadows and up to Battleship Lake. We paused for lunch sheltered by the trees and continued on to Helen Mackenzie Lake. From there we followed the main track back to Raven Lodge. It was excellent – brilliant sunshine, the great snow, and no crowds. 7.6 km; a bit more than 3 hours.


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Snow – Mt. Washington – 6 Apr 2016

Snow – Mt Washington – 6 April 2016


Activity Snow
Destination Mt. Washington
Date 7 6 April 2016, Thursday Wednesday
Trip Coordinator QIOC
Contact Info qioutdoorclub@gmail.com;  please e-mail by Sunday night
Description This is one last trip to Mt. Washington, with spring conditions.  Activities and destination will depend on the interests of the group.
Meeting Place Quadra ferry terminal to Campbell River.  Car pools should be arranged in advance.
Departure Time 9:00 ferry to Campbell River.  Those taking cars need to be early enough to get on the 9:00 ferry.
Up to the group.
Costs Ferry and shared fuel.  Snowshoe pass at Raven Lodge is $8, but we might not go there.
Trip limits Availability of cars going up to Mt. Washington
Dogs? No
Notes: Bring equipment, warm clothing and lunch.


Trip Report – Bedwell Lake & Myra Falls – 25-27 Aug 2015

Five energetic souls headed up to Ralph River Campground. Our first night was settling into this very lovely campground and exploring the local area. Ralph River campground is quite a beautiful campground in that it has large private sites with many very large old growth trees. It is also not very busy especially during the week.

We set out the next morning to do our main hike to Baby Bedwell and beyond. The weather was coolish which was an advantage in our 600 meter elevation gain hike. The trail is man made and quite rough with lots of loose rocks and switchbacks. It passes through many beautiful areas of forest and river crossings before it reaches the sub alpine. We had the joy of sighting a very large black bear having his morning berry pick. He observed us without fear and kept vigilant without stopping his lunch.

We arrived at Baby Bedwell Lake, one of the most beautiful sub alpine areas. A delightful swim and lunch was enjoyed here. Three members of the team carried on to Bedwell Lake campground, a further 2 hour hike. Five tired hikers got back to Ralph River Campground for our usual delightful pot luck dinner. Car camping has its advantages!

The next day, after a more leisurely start and breaking camp, we headed to Upper Myra Falls. This was a delightful 6 km walk through beautiful old growth forest (once we got through the waste lands of the mine) to Upper Myra Falls which was spectacular with its beautiful aqua blue pools.

The group split at this point, some went exploring Lower Myra Falls, while the others sought out a swimming spot on Buttle Lake. It was a very enjoyable three days spent in a very beautiful area so close to home.


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Hiking – Ralph River – 25-27 August 2015

Hiking – Ralph River – 25-27 August 2015

Activity Hiking and camping
Destination Ralph River, Strathcona Park
Date 25-27 August 2015, Tuesday-Thursday
Trip Coordinator Sheelagh Elmitt
Contact Info 285-2296 or sheelaghelmitt@yahoo.ca.  If you want to go on this trip you need to contact Sheelagh and commit ASAP.
Description We will spend two nights at the Ralph River Campground. We will hike to Bedwell Lake on Wednesday.  The other two half days we will do shorter hikes.  Bedwell is a moderate hike to a beautiful alpine lake.  Six kms long with 600 metres elevation. About 3 hrs one way.
Meeting Place Quadra ferry terminal to Campbell River
Departure Time 9:00 am ferry
moderate to easy
Costs camping fees, ferry and shared gas
Trip limits camping gear and fitness
Dogs? no
Notes: As of July 2nd there are very few campsites left at Ralph River, so it’s important to commit soon if you want to go on this trip.

Trip Report – Mt. Becher – 17 June 2015

After an early start on Wednesday June 17th, five members of the Quadra Island Outdoor Club safely summitted Mt Becher.  Members on outing included two members of the executive committee, Debbie Quigg, Chair and Norris Weimer, Webmaster as well as members at large; Kathy Sales, Kathryn Manry 1st leader, and Mark Zimmerman 2nd leader.

Our adventure started at the mildly post apocalyptic base of the defunct Forbidden Plateau Ski Resort and shortly after gaining that initial summit we enjoyed more pleasant wandering in the subalpine forest. Early vistas included the Gulf of Georgia and an assortment of small islands, towns, villages and hamlets. Halfway to the summit we overlooked Boston Lake, a great spot for a lunch break. Carrying on we summited a bit after mid-day and had our only look at large mammals, a herd of about a dozen folk of various sex and size, all associated with an outdoor group from Parksville.

Great views of the Comox glacier and surrounding peaks were enjoyed from the summit, before our return.

A partial list of flowers observed include the following:

  • Alpine Lupine
  • Subalpine Daisy
  • Yarrow
  • Leatherleaf Saxifrage
  • Partridgefoot
  • Spotted Saxifrage
  • Alaskan Saxifrage
  • Columbia Lewisia
  • Lance-leaved Stonecrop
  • Spreading Stonecrop
  • Twinflower
  • Paintbrush
  • Tiger Lily
  • Spreading Phlox
  • White Flowered Rhododendron
  • Heather
  • Columbine
  • Birds Beak Lousewort
  • Coast Penstemon
  • Rosy Pussytoes
  • Bunchberry
  • Valerian
  • Small Leaved Montia
  • Slender Bog Orchid

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Hiking – Mt. Becher – 17 June 2015

Trip Report – Mt. Washington 14 Jan 2015

Five of us went to Raven Lodge at Mt. Washington and hiked their snowshoe trails. We were way above the fog, so it was sunny and warm (9°C).  It was spring skiing conditions, with only about a foot of packed snow, which was enough for snowshoeing.  Only four snowshoe trails were open, but we did all of them, about 8.5 km, about four hours.

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Mt. Washington – 14 January 2015