Multi-day Hiking – Linnaea Farm, Cortes – 15-18 May 2017

 This trip is FULL, but you can contact the coordinator to be on the wait list.

Activity Four days of hiking
Destination Linnaea Farm, Cortes Island
Date 15-18 May 2017, Monday to Thursday
Trip Coordinator Margot Wood
Contact Info or phone 250.285.2393; commitment for this trip needs to be made by March 13.
Description Planning four days of hiking on beautiful Cortes Island, staying at Linnaea Farm House. This is an eight bedroom rustic farmhouse, on the edge of Gunflint Lake at the gateway to many of the hiking trails on Cortes. This is an active farm & was once the residence of the farmers who ran ‘Lakeview Dairy’, the last raw milk in B.C.
Many beautiful trails on Cortes, Green Mountain, Easter Bluff, K’Was Park, Sisken Forest Park, Carrington Trails etc. The schedule of trails will be developed presented daily with your input. This year we want to spend one day in K’Was Park, we always ran out of time. Pot-luck dinners will be organized, using the farmhouse kitchen. Please check:
Meeting Place Heriot Bay ferry line-up for Cortes
Departure Time 9:05 am sailing, be early in case of overload.
Difficulty  Easy to Moderate.
Cost Ferry costs plus shared fuel.  $35/night if you bring your own sleeping bag or linen; $50/night if Linnaea supplies the linens.
Trip limits Eight bedrooms.  Deadline booking is 13 March 2017.
Dogs? No. Dogs are not allowed on the farm.
Notes: Everyone is responsible for their own daily breakfasts & lunch, pot luck dinner teams to be organized.
Car-pooling will be organized.
Looking forward to once again hiking on beautiful Cortes Island.

Trip Report – Salt Spring Island – 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2017

Such a wonderful time hiking the trails on Salt Spring Island, each day we experienced the gorgeous sunshine.  Seven hikers from Quadra attended and all declared it was a lovely happening. We arrived on SSI just after noon on the 30th Jan, checked into the beautiful century home on the edge of Ganges. First hike, we drove to Ruckle Provincial Park down in the southeast corner of SSI. The trail took us along the rocky shore, bird life on the water, baby lambs in the field. We completed the trail loop of 6.8km; 2⅓ hours. We toured the heritage farm. This land was donated to the province by the Ruckle family, who still farm parts of the property. Returned to Ganges, some returned to the house and others looked into Ganges. A delicious dinner at night prepared by the first team of hikers.

Day two, started with a healthy breakfast and off to Mt Maxwell Provincial Park. We drove to top of Mt Maxwell; it rises about 595 metres. A spectacular view to Burgoyne Bay below, across to Vancouver Island, the beautiful Fulford Valley, Mt Baker and also Mt Rainier at 4,392 metres, both clothed in sparkling snow. The loop we hiked was again spectacular with lots of viewpoints, views over to Vancouver and beyond. (6.6 km; 3½ hours)  We then hiked the trails at Burgoyne Bay to Daffodil Point, a few houseboats in the bay. (3.2 km; 1 hour)  Returned to Ganges later in the afternoon in order to give us a little time to look at the shops in Ganges. Another delicious dinner at night prepared by the second team.

Day three, started with breakfast and then drove to the north picking up the Channel Ridge Trails. This 15km trail system with some challenging sections, beautiful arbutus groves that took our breath away. Some workouts that made us ready for our lunch on the trail. Some pretty view points, however, most were hidden by tree tops. (7.2 km; 3 hours)   We then drove to the Andreas Vogt Nature Reserve, a beautiful experience with a number of glorious Garry Oak Groves, many younger Garry Oaks were protected from deer etc. This was truly one of our favourites. (2.6 km; 1½ hours)   At night we decided to eat at Moby’s Pub, joining the locals in good food and music.

Day four, started with breakfast, packed up our belongings and cleaned. Most then drove to walk at Duck Creek Park, a shaded creek with a lovely open meadow providing a sweet 40 minute walk. Onto the ferry line-up at Vesuvius in order to take us across to Vancouver Island.

This was indeed a wonderful four days on Salt Spring Island. What made it so wonderful would be that each day was filled with sunshine, a great group of hikers, the beautiful heritage home on the beach, the delicious food and fantastic trails and views. Lets do it again!


See below the photos for the bird list.  Note Peregrine Falcon!

(click on photos to view larger)

Song Sparrow Chestnut-sided Chickadee
Common Merganser Hooded Merganser
Trumpeter Swan Golden-crowned Kinglet
Bufflehead Common Goldeneye
Common Raven Bald Eagle
Mew Gull California Gull
Glaucous-winged Gull American Wigeon
Dark-eyed Junco Double Crested Cormorant
Northwest Crow Pacific Wren
Black Oystercatcher American Robin
Peregrine Falcon Turkey Vulture
Red Crossbill Spotted Towhee
Red Breasted Sapsucker Red Breasted Nuthatch
Belted Kingfisher European Starling
Northern Flicker Hairy Woodpecker
Grouse Varied Thrush

Multi-day Hiking – Salt Spring Island – 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2017

Multi-day Hiking – Salt Spring Island – 30 Jan-2 Feb 2017

 This trip is FULL.   You may call the coordinator to be put on the wait-list.

Activity Three days of hiking
Destination Salt Spring Island
Date 30 Jan – 2 Feb 2017, Monday to Thursday
Trip Coordinator Margot Wood
Contact Info or phone 250.285.2393; please contact the coordinator as soon as possible; the deadline for committing to this trip is December 29.
Description Staying three nights at a rental property on Salt Spring Island, hiking each day.  We will check into the rental property & get settled. Off to hike. There are a number of hiking trails on Salt Spring Island, the most popular trails are in Maxwell Park. Maxwell Park is the second highest point on SSI. It rises about 595 metres, with a sheer drop on one side. the view can be quite spectacular. There is a network of trails within the park, one can drive into the park or walk up. Mt. Baker can be seen to the east, on a very clear day. There is also a network of hiking trails at Ruckle Park down in the southeast corner of SSI. A spectacular trail that goes to the shore at Yeo Point, lots of bird life on the water. There are some lovely hiking trails in Mouat Park, right in Ganges. Another addition is the Quarry Park Trail in Vesuvius, the trail takes you down to the waters edge. The Dunbabin Trail meanders through the forest in Dunbabin Park, an easy trail, a few stairs along the way. We will probably run out of days, not hiking trails.
We will divide the dinners amongst us and be responsible for our own breakfasts and lunches.
Car-pooling will be organized.
Salt Spring Island Hiking Trails: Click on Hiking Trails & Map.
Meeting Place Quathiaski Cove, ferry line-up
Departure Time 9:00 am sailing, be early in case of overload.
Difficulty  Easy to Moderate.
Cost Accommodation approx. $65-$70 p. night, depending on number of persons attending. Ferry costs. Gas.
Trip limits Eight people.  Deadline booking is 29 Dec 2016. Full payment will be required on that date.
Dogs? No
Notes: Salt Spring Island Hiking Trails:   Click on Hiking Trails & Map.

Trip Report – Desolation Sound – 14-16 Sept 2016

Our paddling trip got off to a slightly rocky start with an overload on the 9:05 ferry to Cortes and a further delay on the next sailing. Eventually, however, we launched at Squirrel Cove about 1:30 and headed for the Curme Islands. We were a bit anxious about finding camping space as two commercial outfitters had trips in the same week and we knew that the Curmes are a popular destination. Fortunately, East Curme was ‘vacant’ and, with four tent pads and a comfortable kitchen area, was exactly right for our group. After supper and a dramatic moonrise, we headed for our tents and set out the next morning for Prideaux Haven. The weather was perfect, calm and sunny and we had a lovely paddle to Laura Cove where we stopped for lunch, and then explored Prideaux Haven and Melanie Cove, returning to camp about 3:30. We faced some patchy headwinds in the afternoon – very localized (apparently to wherever we were paddling). After a short tea and rest break, four of the group headed over to Tenedos Bay for a “tour de Tenedos”. The moon was even brighter on Thursday evening despite some light cloud cover.

We had hoped to stay out until Saturday, but the forecast promised rain and wind, so we packed up Friday morning for the return trip, arriving at Squirrel Cove about 15 minutes before the rain started in earnest. Fortunately, the ferry back was not crowded, and we easily caught the 1:50 to Quadra.

All in all, a short but very enjoyable trip. Over the two half days and one full day, we paddled 54.5 kilometres.


(click on photos to view larger)

Multi-day Kayaking – Desolation Sound – 14-16 Sept 2016

Trip Report – Mt. Albert Edward – 25-27 Aug 2016

For the effort it takes to get to the top of Mt. Albert Edward, you want to get the reward, the great view. The weather forecast was for hot and sunny. Up until the last moment and then it changed to cloudy and rain, so we moved the trip a few days earlier so we would only have rain on the walk out, with luck. So four of us packed up our backpacks and headed in to Circlet Lake via Helen Mackenzie Lake. It was 34°C in Campbell River that day, but not so hot at the higher elevation we were at. But we went swimming in Circlet Lake when we got there. We got a couple of the tent pads near the lake since we beat the weekend crowds. The next day we got up to clear sky and headed up the mountain a bit after 8:00 to beat the heat. That was the theory anyway, we drank all the water we carried that day and wished we had more. It melted our chocolate. The hike starts with a steep gravel gully, but after that it’s a wonderful hike across sub-alpine meadows and up and along a steady ridge to the summit with great views to both sides. You can see the top of Albert Edward from just about anywhere and so from the top you can see just about everywhere. We had lunch on the summit. There are spectacular mountains all around. Luckily, it was a very clear day and neither we nor they were in clouds. More swimming once back at Circlet Lake. The next day dawned sunny and we put on our backpacks again and hiked out via the string of lakes, pausing to pick and eat blueberries along the way, to Battleship Lake, where we again paused to put our toes in the water. By this time clouds were building up, but the rain held off until the next day when we were home.

In to Circlet Lake 11.1 km, 5 hours, approx 100m elevation gain. Up to Mt. Albert Edward and back 14.7 km, 9¼ hours, approx 900m elevation gain to 2101m. Return via the Lakes 13.0 km, 5½ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Backpacking – Mt. Albert Edward – 25-27 Aug 2016

Multi-day Kayaking – Desolation Sound – 14-17 Sept 2016

 This trip is full, but you can contact the Coordinator to be put on the wait list.

Activity Multi-day kayaking
Destination Desolation Sound
Date 14-17 Sept 2016, Wednesday-Saturday
Trip Coordinator Darcy Mitchell
Contact Info or 286-6075.  Please contact the coordinator not later than Sept 1.
Description A three-night paddling/camping trip, departing from Cortes Bay on Cortes Island to Curme Islands as base for day trips in Desolation Sound. Departing morning of Wednesday, September 14, returning afternoon of Saturday, September 17.
Meeting Place Ferry terminal at Heriot Bay
Departure Time Be at terminal in plenty of time for 9:05 a.m. ferry departure
Moderate to difficult. Participants must be able to paddle 15-20 kilometres per day with potential for wind and waves.  Must have all necessary safety equipment.
Costs Ferry fare, campsite fees, possible launching fee at Cortes Bay
Trip limits 6 people (maximum 4 tents)
Dogs? no
Notes: Please contact the trip coordinator no later than September 1, 2016 if you’re interested in this trip. Once we know who will be going, we’ll discuss details. Please note that all participants must have training in self-rescue and assisted rescue. If the forecast is for strong winds, we may substitute a 2 night outing to the Lakes, departing Wednesday, September 14, returning Friday, September 16.

Backpacking – Mt. Albert Edward- 28-30 Aug 2016

 Change of date

Activity Backpacking
Destination Mt. Albert Edward
Date 25-27 28-30 Aug 2016, Thursday to Saturday Sunday to Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info or 3710.  Please contact the trip coordinator not later than Thursday, 25 Aug.
Description Three days/two nights hiking and camping in Strathcona Park. Backpack from the Paradise Meadow trailhead to Circlet Lake (10 km) and set up camp on Sunday. Hike up to the Mt. Albert Edward summit and back on Monday (12 km/900 metres elevation gain). This is a truly alpine experience with great views. Tuesday hike out.
Meeting Place Ferry terminal to Campbell River
Departure Time 07:05 ferry
Difficulty Strenuous
Costs Shared fuel and ferry costs, $10/person/night for back country camping
Trip limits Three or four tents
Dogs?  no
Notes: The Circlet Lake campground will be crowded – this is high season. Parts of the trail to Circlet Lake can be muddy. If the weather is not promising, the trip will be postponed or cancelled.