Backpacking Della Falls 9-12 Aug 2013

Activity backpacking
Destination Della Falls
Date Friday-Monday, 9-12 August
Trip Coordinator Will laVigne
Contact Info 250-203-3530 or   Please contact the trip coordinator before 9 July if you are interested in this trip.
Description Drive to Port Alberni.  Park and get a ride to boat then one hour boat ride to trailhead.  Hike to falls is 16 km which is a 300 metre gentle uphill climb.  Intermediate hike which can take 7 hours.There will be a 2 hr hike from base of falls to Love Lake for the best view of Della Falls.Third day afternoon boat ride back then home.Overall plan- 1st day get part way or if all goes well be at Falls, 2nd day get to Falls and trip to Love Lake for view, 3rd day early am start back. Also this could be done in 4 days but that needs to be determined prior to leaving Quadra. I would prefer to do it in three days.
Meeting Place Quadra ferry
Departure Time 6:15 or 7:05 ferry
Mostly intermediate
Costs Ferry plus, $10 to park car on boat owners property or park free where boat is, $125.00 per person for roundtrip.
Trip limits 3-4 people; 5 at the most.
Dogs? no
Notes: Issues or concerns: no bear cache — need to bring rope; there can be bears. Mice like the tips of camelbacks and try to get in tents. Cable car crossing. There can be wasp nests on the trail and that’s not good for the 2nd or 3rd person.I have tentatively setup the boat ride and will get feedback from someone who is planning on going the week before.  There is info on the web and it is accurate according to a source.  If there is interest please contact Will ASAP, to figure out timelines for boat and hiking details.

2 thoughts on “Backpacking Della Falls 9-12 Aug 2013

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  2. Water taxi is 34 km each way. We used Ben Potter, — he is a commercial operator authorized to take people into the park. There are stories of other guys leaving hikers stranded and there is no cell coverage anywhere on this trail.

    Great Central Lake is about 90 meters elevation, the campsite is 17 km in and at 575 meters elevation. Love Lake is at 1230 meters elevation. Love Lake is a 4.7 km each way from the campsite. The base of Della Falls is about 1 km from the campsite.

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