Hike Deepwater Bay 2 May 2014


Activity Hiking
Destination Deepwater Bay
Date Friday, 2 May 1 May 2014
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 285-2029
Description Hike on old logging road from end of new logging road to Deepwater Bay. This path follows a lovely stream to the ocean.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 10:00 A.M.
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? Are welcome as long as they will stay by you
Notes: Please let me know at least two days prior if you are going.  Bring water and a lunch.  We will eat where the stream goes into the ocean. This is only 2.5 kilometers one way but 275 meters up on the way back. Including lunch and driving the trip will take about 3.5 hours.


Google Maps of the hike



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