Trip Report – Q Cove Trails – 1 Jan 2019

The trip into the woods south of the library was scheduled for 2 Jan, but the weatherman was saying heavy rain and high winds, so we moved the trip up to 1 Jan at the last moment.  In the morning there was a very light rain, which was hardly noticeable in the woods.  So nine of us wandered off into the maze of community trails, all unofficial.  This is all private property, so many of the trails connect to someone’s back yard. Some of the trails are on what seems to be easements which extend existing roads.  The main part of property is in the Official Community Plan as a place for future housing.  Until then, it’s a pleasant forest to stroll through, with quite a few small streams and some impressively big cottonwood trees. The trails are well maintained.  The community has decorated the woods with carved masks, beadwork, and a “Word Log”.  We also visited the new stairs connecting Nole Road and Plaza Road.

While we were walking near the end of Nole Road, one of the alders leaning over the trail ahead of us decided to fall across the trail.  There was no wind, no gust of wind, it just decided to fall over for no reason, as alders do. Luckily, we were not too close and not in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Back at the cars, Les provided a little New Year’s tail gate treat with chocolate and pineapple.  4.3 km; 1¾ hours.


Photos by Norris

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Hiking – Q Cove Trails – 2 Jan 2019


Trip Report – Open Bay and Crikey Creeks – 30 Dec 2018

We postponed this hike by a day for better weather and were rewarded with a beautiful, sunny winter day.  Ten of us followed the trail downstream along Open Bay Creek.  The trail is wet in a few places with a bit of winter blow-down, but there are great views of the stream rushing through the lush rainforest.  We made a loop by returning on the logging road, then wandered down Open Bay Main to the start of the mountain bike trail Rio.  This trail climbs steeply and near the top there is a banked bridged, which was slippery, with some loose planks.  After a quick snack break, we returned down the Crikey Creek trail, which is the more developed of the two trails.  We didn’t get a lot of sun, with the sun very low in these deep forests, but it was a good, short walk.  5.4 km; 2 hours.


Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos.

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Hiking – Open Bay and Crikey Creeks – 30 Dec 2018

Hiking – Snowden Demonstration Forest – 6 Feb 2019

Activity Hiking
Destination Snowden Forest, Campbell River
Date 6 Feb 2019, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Valerie Van Veen
Contact Info; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip
Description Hiking OR snowshoeing through the Snowden Forest, mostly easy to moderate trails. If hiking, we might tackle “difficult” trail depending on group and trail conditions. Bring lunch, suitable gear for conditions. Will snowshoe if enough snow.  8 – 10 km.
Meeting Place Q Cove ferry terminal
Departure Time 9:00 am ferry departure
easy to moderate
Costs ferry
Trip limits none
Dogs? Must be under control at all times; this is a popular mountain biking area.
Notes: Carpool at ferry. I can take 4 passengers in our 4Runner.


Trip Report – Two Mines and Some Karst – 12 Dec 2018

Having decided that Mt. Washington needed more snow before we make that trip, we substituted this outing.  Seven of us visited a number of caves and karst formations at the north end of Quadra Island.  We started at the Lucky Jim mine, an historic gold, silver and copper mine, which is well signed and has been made safe with gratings over the vertical shafts.  The steam donkey is huge and in good condition considering it was installed in about 1910.   We next visited a mine off of Open Bay Main, which we know very little about.  The horizontal shaft is in good condition. We continued to a karst cave with excellent marbling and were impressed by the risks inherent in the nearby grikes or eroded fissures in the limestone. 

After lunch in the parking area we cut over to the Granite Bay Road and an area of sink holes.  We started at a very large sinkhole with a lovely waterfall and then moved a short distance south for a walk following a creek which is insurgent and resurgent in the limestone.  There are areas where the creek seems to have re-routed for it no longer emerges.  The large sinkholes and walls are impressive.  We didn’t walk very far, but took our time enjoying the sites and the incredible green forest at this time of year.  A bit more than four hours, without the drive out.


Photos by Norris

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Exploring – Two Mines and Some Karst – 12 Dec 2018

Exploring – Two Mines and Some Karst – 12 Dec 2018

Activity Exploring
Destination Two Mines and Some Karst Formations
Date 12 December 2018, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info 3710 or; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip
Description We will visit an old mine off of Open Bay Main, a limestone cave and grikes in the limestone.  We will also stop at the Lucky Jim mine before continuing on to some sinkhole formations.
The weather is forecast to be very rainy in the afternoon.  Having three sites gives us the flexibility to alter plans if necessary.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot for car pooling.  This will involve some driving on logging roads.
Departure Time 9:30 am
easy; this will more a visit to multiple sites than a lot of exercise.
Trip limits none
Dogs? No
Notes: Be prepared for wet.  Bring a good flashlight if you have one.


Hiking – Q Cove Trails – 2 Jan 2019

This hike has been re-scheduled to  January 1st, Tuesday.  

Activity Hiking
Destination Q Cove Trails
Date 1 2 January 2019, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info 3710 or; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip
Description We will explore a network of forest trails on private, undeveloped land in what will eventually be downtown Q Cove, but which at present is a natural area surrounded by private homes.  The trails are used by the locals from their backyards.  The forest and streams are charming and the locals have added a bit of artwork to it.  About 2 hours.
Meeting Place Behind the Q Cove store
Departure Time 10:00 am
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? Dogs must not run through the group


Trip Report – Kay du Bois Loop – 21 Nov 2018

Eight hikers and two dogs hiked a loop of the Kay du Bois trail and adjoining woodlot from the Sutil Road trailhead.  We hiked down the switchbacks to the rocky beach and enjoyed the rolling waves on a fairly windy day.  We continued along the quiet trail following the shore and then took the connector from the big Sitka Spruce tree up to the top of the bluff and walked the logging road back to the vehicles.  The weather was better than forecast and we stayed dry.  We all went back to Julie’s, where she served us an excellent lunch.  5.1 km; 1½ hours.

Julie and Debbie

Thanks to Norris and Eva for the photos

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Hiking – Kay du Bois Loop – 21 Nov 2018