Hiking – Fir Crest Loop – 28 Sept 2022

Activity Hiking
Destination Fir Crest Loop
Date 28 Sept 2022,  Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg and Julie Douglas
Contact Info debbie.quigg@ualberta.ca or 3710; please contact the coordinator by Monday night
Description By special request, we will be doing a bar-bell loop of the Golf Course and Haskin Farm trails.  This is a good outing if you want an easy hike which is mostly level and on a good trail.
Meeting Place The small parking area inside and to the south of the Fir Crest Acres gates, off Heriot Bay Road.  If you do not know where this is, please confirm with the coordinator.
Departure Time 10:00
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? Dogs must not run through the group.
Notes: We will do this hike rain or shine.  Bring a snack/light lunch and gear for the weather.

Trip Report – Happy Hour to Morte Lake – 7 Aug 2022

A few of us made the very short walk up the old logging access to Morte Lake in the late afternoon for the Club’s first ever “happy hour hike.” This area is now protected as part of the Quadra Conservancy Land.  The weather was warm, sunny and breezy.  Recognizing that the social aspect of this event was more important than the exercise, we brought our folding chairs, and whatever drink and appie we wanted.  Sitting on the shore, we relaxed, caught up on recent events, and some swam in the lake.  It being a warm Sunday afternoon, a few others stopped by to swim or to return via paddle board.  Everyone was very cheerful and friendly.  We didn’t stay long, but had a good time.



Happy Hour Hike – Morte Lake– 7 Aug 2022

Happy Hour Hike – Morte Lake – 7 Aug 2022

Activity Happy Hour Hike
Destination Morte Lake conservancy from the logging road
Date 7 Aug, Sunday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info debbie.quigg@ualberta.ca or 3710.  Please contact the coordinator by Friday evening.
Description We will drive to the gate for the Morte Lake conservancy and take the short walk up to the lake.  There are a few sites we can choose for a social happy hour, a great view and possibly a swim.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Tru Value parking lot
Departure Time 15:45
Difficulty Easy
Costs none
Trip limits
Notes: Bring whatever you want.  Here are some possibilities: a snack, something to drink, a portable chair, a bathing suit.

Trip Report – Chauntaluf Farm to Open Bay – 28 July 2022

Four of us started fairly early to avoid the hottest part of the afternoon.  We strolled through the Chauntaluf farm taking time to appreciate the setting, views, animals and trees.  We then followed their Open Bay Rd over to Kolker Main.  We were met by Marianne who accompanied us down the private road to her home on Open Bay. As we had not met Marianne before, we took time to get acquainted before having lunch in the shade at the beach.  It was a very low tide and we walked on the sand to the shore and to Open Bay Creek before heading back.  It was warm ascending the road before we crossed back into the forest of Chauntaluf Farm.  We stopped at the pond for a cool swim before returning to the car.  This outing involved visits to two private properties and we are very appreciative for the invitations from Heather and Marianne.   7.4 km; 4 hours


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Hiking – Chauntaluf Farm to Open Bay– 28 July 2022

Trip Report – Beaver Lake and Open Bay Creek – 29 June 2022

Our group of seven parked on Hyacinthe Bay Rd and followed the flagged trail through a mossy and open swale, over a ridge and down to Beaver Lake.  After rounding Beaver Lake on the south, we crossed the creek and stopped for elevenses on a rocky bluff above the lake.  We continued through the transition zone of a recent cut block and then followed the path descending along the creek draining Beaver Lake.  We stopped at a water fall and took a short side trip on an old logging road now covered in moss and grass.  We continued more steeply down to the junction of the creek with Open Bay creek and stopped for lunch.  The route then followed a well maintained trail upstream along Open Bay Creek. This passes through a mature forest often on a high bluff with great views of the meandering creek.  We saw a number of interesting plants along the way.  Since we had arranged a car shuffle, we drove back from the junction of Open Bay Creek and Bold Point Road.  5.7 km; 3 hours.  


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Notes on the plants:
The gnome plant or Hemitomes congestum is quite rare, though found over a large territory in dense forests.  It is the only member of its genus.   It lacks chlorophyll and cannot carry out photosynthesis.  Instead the gnome plant gets nutrients directly from fungi.

Menzies’ pipsissewa or Chimaphila menziesii is also quite rare and found over a large territory in dense forests.  ‘Pipsissewa is a Cree name meaning “it breaks into small pieces” in reference to the leaves, which are thought to help dissolve kidney stones.’

Hiking – Beaver Lake and Open Bay Creek – 29 June 2022

Trip Report – Hyacinthe Creek – 28 June 2022

Our group of seven worked for about 1½ hours cutting brush and clearing the first leg of the South Chinese Mountain trail before lunch.  We then went to see the new Hyacinthe Creek trail which was build over the winter.  This very short and easy loop includes some beautiful trees, a bench, an excellent trail with amazing stone work, three viewing platforms and the lovely Hyacinthe Creek.  We had lunch grouped around one of the platforms.  It was cool and peaceful by the creek under the dappled light of the trees.  400m, 3/4 hour


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Work party and Hike – Chinese Mtn and Hyacinthe Creek Trail – 28 June 2022

Hiking – Chauntaluf Farm to Open Bay – 28 July 2022

Change of start time to 9:00

Activity Hiking
Destination Chauntaluf Farm to Open Bay
Date 28 July 2022,  Thursday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg and Heather Kellerhals
Contact Info debbie.quigg@ualberta.ca or 3710; please contact the coordinator by Tuesday night
Description Heather Kellerhals has generously arranged for us to hike from the family property through to a private property on Open Bay.  This will be a relatively short hike, but an unusual opportunity.  There is the possibility of side trips on the return to Coast Mountain Lookout or the Pond.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot to convoy to the property.  We will limit the number of cars parking on the farm.
Departure Time 11:00 9:00
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No – not allowed on the farm
Notes: Bring la snack and a bathing suit

Work Party and Hike – Chinese Mtn and Hyacinthe Creek – 28 June 2022

Activity Work party and Hiking
Destination Chinese Mtn and Hyacinthe Creek
Date 28 June, Tuesday
Trip Coordinator Debbie Quigg
Contact Info debbie.quigg@ualberta.ca or 3710; please contact the coordinator in advance of the outing.
Description We will cut brush from the South Chinese Mtn trailhead to the start of the bluff.  Then we will go a short distance down the Hyacinthe Bay Rd to the new trail along the Creek with viewing platforms.
The Trail Committee provides tools.  Bring your own gloves, and your own tools if you prefer them.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot to organize tools and carpool to the trailhead
Departure Time 10:00
Moderate work then a short, easy hike
Costs None
Trip limits 10
Dogs? No
Notes: Bring lunch.  If you have a packable folding chair, you might bring it for lunch on or around the platforms.

Trip Report – BC Trail Day – 4 June 2022

The recent torrential rains definitely dampened our BC Trail Day celebration, but a few die-hards went for a short walk anyway. We used the Swale Trail and Black Jack to make a tight loop on the Community Centre trails, following some lovely paths through a fine forest.

The Quadra trail system is an amazing heritage that is worth recognizing. At the end of our walk it seemed fitting that we passed by the memorial to Judy Leicester who worked so hard on the trails. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to her and others like Hilda Van Orden, Marcie Wolter, Nole Lax, and Richard Leicester who did so much to develop these trails. And also to the current hard workers who carry on that tradition like John Barclay, Sam Whittingham and Ken Roxborough, and all the other many, many volunteers.


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Hiking – BC Trail Day – 4 June 2022