Trip Report – Mt. Seymour – 12 July 2014

The seven hikers on the trip headed out early due to the early-July heat wave. We dropped vehicles off at the Nugedzi Lakes parking area, and headed up the trail to Mount Seymour from the Granite Bay Road departure point. The climb through the forest was not too hot yet, and we were pleased to find a breeze to help the over-heating issue once we moved onto the more open section of the trail to the summit. The views from the top were superb. A bit of summer heat haze, but still a lovely, clear panorama of peaks to the east, and the Vancouver Island coastline and more fine peaks to the west.

We descended to Nugedzi Lakes for lunch, and a refreshing dip in the lake for some of us. A couple of grouse flushed along the trail were our most exciting wildlife spotting for the day. We descended through the forest trail below Nugedzi, appreciative of at the work the Trails Committee did last year to reestablish this path after the damage from the previous winter. We were back at the cars around 2 pm and glad to be out of the most intense heat of the day.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hike Mt. Seymour – 12 July 2014


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