Hiking – Cortes Island – 18-20 Apr 2016

Activity Hiking
Destination Cortes Island, Linnaea Farm
Date 18-20 Apr, Monday-Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Margot Wood
Contact Info 250-285-2393.  Please contact the coordinator by April 1st.
Description Planning three days of hiking on Cortes Island, staying at Linnaea Farm House. This is an eight bedroom rustic farmhouse, on the edge of Gunflint Lake at the gateway to many of the hiking trails on Cortes. This is still an active farm & was once the residence of the farmers who ran Lakeview Dairy, the last raw milk in B.C.
I have ordered beautiful weather, allowing us to hike many of  the trails, Green Mountain, Easter Bluff, Kw’as Park, Hanks Beech Forest Park, Sisken Forest Park, Carrington Trails etc. Or you can sign-up for farm chores. If you wish to bring your kayak, we can paddle the lake & beyond.
A schedule of trails will be developed & presented daily with your input. I would also like to take you to the ‘Free Store’….pretty neat.
Pot-luck dinners will be organized, using the kitchen at the farmhouse.
You may chose to stay one/two nights……..let me know.
Please check:  www.linnaeafarm.org
Meeting Place Cortes ferry terminal
Departure Time 9:05 ferry to Cortes
Difficulty easy to moderate
Costs $50 per night with bed linens/ $30 per night with own sleeping bag. Ferry round trip.
Trip limits When the bedrooms are full.
Dogs? No. Not allowed at the farm.
Notes: Car pooling will be organized.
Bring food for breakfast, & lunch and pot-luck dinners.
Hope you can make this trip before we get out into the garden.

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