Trip Report – B&B Trail Loop – 3 Feb 2016

Despite the gloomy forecast for a blustery rainy day, five hikers set out on the Thompson Trail from the Thompson Road trailhead, then branched off to the first marked viewpoint. Although the Coast Mountains were hidden due to the weather, there was still a good view to the east over the islands. From the viewpoint, we followed the open mossy ridge downhill to a forested trail which connected to the B&B Trail. This trail was named for two now defunct Bed and Breakfast establishments in the vicinity of Harper Graham’s corner on Hyacinthe Bay Road, where the trail begins. We turned left (south) on the B&B Trail to an unmarked junction where we branched off on a side trail to the right (north), which led us uphill to a bluff above Hyacinthe Bay Road. We climbed west to the top of the ridge (153 meters altitude which is slightly higher than the Hopespring viewpoints) over mossy open bluffs.   At the top we had a panoramic ocean view to the east and southeast, and forests to the west and south, well worth the effort. We returned on the side trail to the B&B unmarked junction and turned right to carry on uphill (south).   For a good part of its length, the B&B Trail overlooks a rushing stream set in a deep gully. At the Thompson Trail junction we turned left (east) and hiked back to Thompson Road. Total hiking time was approximately 2.5 hours, including time for photos and taking in the views. Hiking level moderately difficult over bluff sections.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – B&B Trail – 3 Feb 2016


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