Trip Report – Maud Island – 13 Feb 2016

Even thought there was a forecast for rain, four hikers decided to give it a go. The first half an hour was indeed wet but the trees protected us quite a bit. Moss among the trees is especially green now.  The rain let up as we scrambled up over Mt. Lolo being careful of the slippery rocks.

When we crossed the causeway to Maude Island the wind was really howling. We were lucky though and the lunch spot over the narrows was in the lee of the island. While we ate lunch the ebb tide rapids put on a great show at 12 knots. At that speed the ocean was more like a white water river.  There were five sea lions playing and feeding at the edge of the heavy current as well as many whirlpools.

On the way back rain started again, but all and all it was a great hike of about 10.5 km; 3.75 hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hike – Maud Island – 13 Feb 2016


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