Trip Report – Around Mt. Seymour – 13 May 2016

Five of us hiked from the Nugedzi trail head, up the old logging road north of Beech’s Mountain, along the old logging road that runs on the west side of the Nugedzi plateau, up a trail to a viewpoint of Nugedzi Lake, then down along a flagged route and trail to connect up with another old logging road which continues below the west and north sides of Mount Seymour and then descends, ending in a recently logged area just south of the gravel pit. The old logging roads can be very nice for walking, covered by a carpet of moss when they are level. The steep ones can be rough walking though.

The west side of the Nugedzi plateau features a number of small lakes or ponds. The north side of Seymour features some nice views to the north.

The trip was 14.4 km and took 5.5 hours, not including the car shuffle.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hike – Mt. Seymour logging roads – 13 May 2016


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