Trip Report – Mt Washington – 8 Feb 2017

Three of us snow-shoed at Mt. Washington on Wednesday. The clouds were low, but the snow was excellent. It was absolutely a winter wonderland, with snow clinging to branches and bark in the forest. We crossed Paradise Meadows on the Old Cabin and Crooked Creek trails before taking the summer trail up to Battleship Lake. The trail had been well used, so it was easy to follow. It was completely quiet in the forest and we met very few people. We continued over the Lake and through the forest to Lake Helen Mackenzie. The steep descent was great in the deep powder. We crossed some of the Lake and then had lunch in a sheltered spot out of the wind. Around 1:00 it began to snow lightly. We returned to Paradise Meadows and completed the Old Cabin Loop. 8.1 km; 3 hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Snow – Mt Washington 8 Feb 2017


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