Trip Report – Bluffs West of N Gowlland Rd – 22 Feb 2017

The trip Wednesday was a partly off-trail adventure over some classic Quadra scenery – open moss-covered ridges, with views from along the top of cliffs on those ridges.  Seven of us took advantage of the sunny, almost-Spring day.  From the active quarry on the NW side of North Gowlland Road, we followed the open ridges to the high point near the Little Black Dress mountain bike trail.  From there we opted to do a loop of mountain bike trails including Little Black Dress, Silk Stocking and Back Door.  We descended back to North Gowlland Road on a partially developed trail.  7.6 km; 3¾ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Bluffs West of N Gowlland Rd – 22 Feb 2017


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