Trip Report – Eagle Ridge and Beyond – 8 Mar 2017

Despite the forecasts for bad weather Wednesday, the weather cleared just long enough for ten of us to do this hike. The sun even made a brief appearance. The slushy snow from Tuesday was still on the ground so the walking was a bit wet and a bit slippery. We hiked passed the wetland and up to the top of the Eagle Ridge trail with great views to the west. We took an alternate route down, using an unlikely easy route through an otherwise impossible and impressive cliff band. Then we switched to the next ridge to the north and followed mossy, open ridges up to a local summit for lunch. Then we gradually descended the ridge to the east to an overgrown logging road, which provided a good way down to the bigger logging road and easy walking for a loop back to the cars. 4.9km; 2¾ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Eagle Ridge and Beyond – 8 Mar 2017


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