Trip Report – The Campbell River Loop – 26 Apr 2017

Six of us hiked a loop from the logging bridge on the Campbell River up to Moose Falls and back. This is always a great walk with lots of highlights, but this was particularly special because of the spring wildflower bloom. Immediately after crossing the bridge and starting along the trail on the north side of the river, we were greeted with a wonderful profusion of pink and white fawn lilies, trillium, and wild bleeding heart. For the first 2 kilometers these flowers carpeted the edge of the trail.  After a long winter, spring was everywhere.

We admired the Canyon View and continued on up to the Station View, with its rather industrial view of the generating station and construction. The Millennium Trail wanders through a fine forest with some very impressive old growth and leads to the Elk Falls viewing platform and suspension bridge, both amazing.  Elk Falls drops about 25 meters into a very narrow gorge with a right-angle turn.

We took the gradually ascending Old Growth trail and then the very steep descent to the rocky viewpoint for Moose Falls and the Dolphin Pool, where we stopped for lunch. Although the forecast had called for rain by mid-day, we had warm sunshine. We returned along the river, passed by Deer Falls and more views of Elk Falls, and crossed over to the south side of the river for more wildflowers before reaching the vehicles. 13.4 km; 4½ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – The Campbell River Loop – 26 Apr 2017


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