Reconnaissance Report – Broken Eyes Mtn – 11 June 2018

The trip to Broken Eyes Mtn (aka Campbell RiverLookout) was postponed several times due to weather and rescheduled to sometime later in the summer.  But when the forecast turned sunny, we decided to check out this trail since the trail descriptions online left some doubts about it.  We can confirm that this trail will leave you breathless.  

After a short level hike on an old logging road, the trail crosses a stream on a long, narrow log bridge.  Some people won’t like this.  Then the trail goes up.  It climbs 500 m in 2.4 km, up through a forest.  The trail is well established and well flagged.  It’s rough and it’s dirt.  It’s about as steep as it can be, somewhere between the steepness of stairs and ladders, mostly.  It could be slippery when wet.  Hiking poles might help in some places and get in the way in other places.  The very steepest parts have ropes or chains to provide hand-holds.  Bring gloves.  There is no exposure, but one chained section would be tricky for many hikers without the chain.  At the top it levels off and the viewpoint is breathtaking.

According to the summit log, this is a surprisingly popular hike, and a four-year old, seven-year old and a dog have made it to the top very recently.  Altogether 7.0 km, 4 hours.


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Hiking – Broken Eyes Mtn – July 2018


Trip Report – Caves near Sayward- 23 May 2018

Eight of us met Bill, our all-knowing-guide, at the beginning of the long, dusty logging road into Cave Land.  Bill took us through Chicken II, a standing-room passage way leading to interesting geology.  After which a short drive took us to Scallop Falls Cave.  We spent slightly over an hour winding single file through narrow, curving, scalloped marble passages, with water running through them.  We scrambled, manoeuvred and slithered up to the top of the falls.  The beautiful limestone cave features and the contortions to navigate the route were impressive.  We debriefed together over lunch at Bill’s new campground.  As the adventure drew to an end, the participants felt a unified sense of accomplishment. .


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Thanks to Norris, Cyndy and Bill for their photos

Natural History – Caving near Sayward – 23 May 2018

Hiking – Broken Eye Mountain – 8 June 2018

This trip is postponed until July for better weather.

Activity Hiking
Destination Broken Eyes Mountain, aka Campbell River Lookout
Date July 2018
Trip Coordinator Norris Weimer
Contact Info 285-3710 or  Please contact the coordinator well in advance of the trip.


This hike is located about 20 km north of Campbell River.  It includes some difficult sections over a long, narrow log bridge and very steep climbs, sometimes assisted by fixed chains.  There are excellent views form the summit.  500 m elevation gain; 7 km.  Participants on this hike need to be fit, experienced and confident.  You need good cardio and knees.  For more information see:
Meeting Place Q Cove Ferry terminal.
Departure Time 8:00 ferry
Overall this is a challenging hike, with a mix of trails, logging roads, and very steep sections.
Costs Shared ferry costs
Trip limits 10 participants
Notes: This trip is weather dependent.  Highly recommended: protective gloves for chains and good boots.  Poles are optional.  Bring lunch and water.

Trip Report – The Campbell River Loop – 25 Apr 2018

Eight of us hiked the loop from the logging bridge on the Campbell River up to Moose Falls and back. This is always a beautiful walk, but it is particularly special in the spring with the wildflowers in bloom. We crossed the bridge and walked along the excellent trail on the north side of the river.  As the path follows side branches on the Campbell River, the trail was bordered by a profusion of pink fawn lilies, trillium, and wild bleeding heart.

We admired the Canyon View and continued up to the Millennium Trail.  We took an unmarked side path, recommended by Cyndy, to a lovely mossy bluff with an excellent view of Elk Falls.   We walked on through some big old growth Douglas fir trees to the Elk Falls viewing platform and suspensions bridge.  The views were particularly impressive because of the amount of water coming down the river.

We took the gradually ascending Old Growth trail and then the very steep descent to the rocky viewpoint for Moose Falls and the Dolphin Pool, where we stopped for lunch. The weather was beautiful and sunny, with a very warm afternoon. We returned along the river, passing more old growth trees, Deer Falls and another spectacular viewpoint for Elk Falls.  We crossed at Station View, which was quite hot and industrial, and continued on the south bank, with more wildflowers, back to the vehicles. 12.9 km; 5 hours.


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Hiking – The Campbell River River Loop – 25 Apr 2018

Natural History – Caving near Sayward – 23 May 2018

Activity Natural History – Caving
Destination Sayward area caves
Date 23 May 2018, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Cyndy Chidley
Contact Info Cyndy Chidley: 250-285-3575
Bill West-Sells: 1-778-860-3131
Description Introductory caving (with some challenges) on north Vancouver Island.  Challenges include bridging, climbing, stretching, wriggling, not to mention small, dark places.
Meeting Place Q Cove ferry terminal
Departure Time 9:00 ferry or possibly the 8:00 to Campbell River
Difficulty Depends on the group
Costs Ferry and shared gas
Trip limits 12
Wear rubber boots or wool sock with runners that you don’t mind getting wet, but you will have cold feet. Bring coveralls, a helmet that you are able to fit with head light and a head light, if you can get one.  Bill has some extras that he will bring.  Flexible gloves, if you have them. A change of shoes and socks. A lunch and water.  If you have a  walkie-talkie or VHF radio, please bring it with charged batteries.

Trip Report – Campbell River Ramble – 4 April 2018

On April 4, in cool and drizzly weather, five adventurers set out to explore the hinterlands of Campbell River.  We walked from the ferry terminal to the north ERT trailhead at the corner of Maple and Homewood . From there it was gradually uphill on the wide paved trail, which was surprisingly deserted, through mixed deciduous, past a few old homesteads and some signs of future development. Crossing Evergreen Rd, a short walk brought us to the Beaver Lodge Forest lands where we met many more walkers as well as mountain bikers in this beautiful forest. The wide Rail Trail led through coniferous second growth, graced with a few old specimens. Branching off on a bike trail took us to the underpass and out onto Rockland Rd, crossing over we followed the paved trail past the Willow Point Sportsplex, winding our way down to the waterfront to a very welcome lunch stop in Willow Point . Refreshed, the Quadra Island crowd walked briskly back along the waterfront, in plenty of time for the 3:30 ferry. A very long pleasant walk, disappointingly few wildflowers, but nice to see the salmonberries and huckleberries beginning to bloom, as well as a little group of Glory of the Snow (Chionodoxa) gone wild, and cultivated spring blossoms. 19.3 km; 5⅔ hours, including lunch.

Valerie  & Darcy

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Hiking – Campbell River Ramble – 4 April 2018

Trip Report – Miracle Beach & Salmon Pt – 28 March 2018

Seven of us took the 10:00 ferry and drove to Miracle Beach. There is a provincial park here as well as a large picnic area and many small trails. There are huge sand flats when the tide is out. Although not many birds while we were there, this can be a great place for bird viewing. We walked along the beach to Black Creek. Then followed it up to the campground and back to the vehicles. 2.5 km and about 45 minutes.

We then drove up to the Salmon Point Restaurant and Pub for a delicious lunch. After we walked the ocean side trail to Oyster River Nature Park. We made a loop through it and back to Salmon Point. There were quite a few birds on this trail and a pair of bald eagles perched on the light tower at Salmon Point. 6.5 km and about 1 hour and 35 minutes.


Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos

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Hiking – Miracle Beach & Salmon Pt – 28 March 2018