Trip Report – Maud Island – 24 June 2017

Seven of us hiked to Maud Island to see Seymour Narrows at the most current of the whole year, a 15.9 knot flood.  It was also on perhaps the hottest day so far this year, but beautifully sunny.  Fortunately most of this walk is in a cool, shaded forest.

We could hear the tidal action from quite a distance away, while we were still on Mt. Lolo.  And at the viewpoint we could look down at the white/green water along the shore.  Not surprisingly, there were no boats passing through the Narrows, but a half dozen jet-skis came through at max current.  Four hours; 10.5 km.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hike – Maud Island – 24 June 2017


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