Trip Report – Stramberg Old Growth Grove – 25 Oct 2017

The cold front and rain passed in the night, so in the morning we had beautiful fall day.  Nine of us hiked the path from Village Bay Lake, passing by Vic’s Marsh and the old cabin to the pond viewpoint.  From there the trail heads north through the forest into Main Lake Park.  Although neglected for some years, the trail is now quite well flagged and maintained.  We passed through the junction of the old logging roads to the south and east of Stramberg Lake and we continued on the eastern road headed north.  With the sun and recent rain, everything was vibrant green.  The mushroom, mosses and liverwort were abundant.  We crossed the little creek and climbed up to the old growth grove.  After admiring the old trees and stopping for lunch, we followed the loop through the glade and retraced our path back to the vehicles.  About 12 km, 5+ hours.

– Norris

(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Stramberg Old Growth Grove – 25 October 2017


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