Trip Report – Little Black Dress & Silk Stocking Loop – 22 Nov 2017

Six of us met on a blustery grey morning to walk the mountain bike trails from North Gowlland Harbour Road. We parked at the Missing Links trail parking lot. We made a loop up Little Black Dress and returned via Back Door and Silk Stockings.   It was a beautiful meandering path through mixed forests and rocky outcrops. Along the way we passed the remnants of an old copper mine. We were quite protected in the forest and it was more  foggy and misty than rainy.  There is no signage on the trail and several T-junctions.  We were reminded of the importance of waiting for the group at each intersection, so that the group stays together. There was some timely conversation about basic safety equipment for day hikes. We hiked 6.8 km in 3 hours 20 minutes, including a stop for lunch.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Little Black Dress & Silk Stocking Loop – 22 Nov 2017


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