Trip Report – Stramberg Old Growth – 18 April 2018

We had a perfect hiking day for this walk through varied forest to see some of Quadra’s biggest old growth trees.  The first part of the hike skirts Vic’s Marsh through open forest and passes meadows with fruit tree, nettles, Vic’s barn-like house and old fencing.  We stopped briefly at the bluff overlooking the open water part of the marsh to enjoy the view and watch huge numbers of geese heading north.  The next section follows a narrow, flagged trail which undulates, often along a creek or below bluffs and heads into Main Lake Provincial Park.  After the T-junction with the logging road, the right turn leads more or less north with a gradual grade and wide allowance, though very wet at this time of year.  The trees are plastered with lichen and moss making it an enchanted forest.  After crossing a small creek, the trail ascends to the glade with old growth Douglas fir and cedar.  But there are big trees along the whole walk.

The flagging is in good condition, and the trail is not too bad except for the fallen trees which you have to climb under or over or go around, and long sections of sword fern where you never see the ground or your feet.   12.1 km round trip, 5⅓ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hike – Stramberg Old Growth Grove – 18 April 2018


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