Trip Report – Mine Lake Bluff – 9 May 2018

Seven hikers parked at the trail-head and headed along side of Mine Lake to Camp Homewood’s summer site. This trail can be covered in water in places but was dry for us. After going through the site you take the left trail that heads up to the bluff. The trail is steep through the trees but some steps have been dug out to make it a little better. The tough part is when you come to the rocks. It had rained the night before so the first climb was slick. Luck was with us though and the next section was in the sun and wind so it was dry. This is definitely a hike that should be done when dry as it involves some scrambling on all fours. When we reached the top the view was certainly worth the effort.

We ate lunch here and descended down the back side. The walk down is easier and below an impressive cliff. When we returned to the lake three brave souls went for a dip. They said it was cold but refreshing. 5 km; 3 ½ hours.

Les and Julie

Thanks to Les for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Mine Lake Bluff – 9 May 2018


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