Trip Report – Chinese and Beech’s Mountains – 3 Aug 2018

Five ambitious souls stared out early for a hike of all three peaks, North Chinese Mtn., South Chinese Mtn. and Beech’s Mtn. The weather was cool with some clouds but soon heated up. We went up to the north peak first. Since it has been so dry there is even more loose rock than usual. At the top we stopped for a short break and were treated to a nighthawk sighting. We then went down and up to the South Chinese overlook. Here we enjoyed the panoramic view that it always offers. From there we dropped to the Beech’s trail and continued up to the cliff viewing area. Here we had lunch and a rest while soaking in the scenery. After lunch we walked on up to the top of Beech’s Mtn. before going back down to the parking area. Total time including breaks was 4½ hours. 7.35km with 420M elevation gain


Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Chinese and Beech’s Mountains – 3 Aug 2018


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