Trip Report – Maud Island – 3 Oct 2018

Twelve hikers thoroughly enjoyed this classic hike through the forest to the bluffs overlooking Seymour Narrows. The big-leaf maples were in their beautiful fall bloom, the moss was brightly coloured after the rains, and the red Oregon Grape highlighted the floor of the forest, along with newly emerging fungi.

Nine hikers chose to go up to the bluffs at Mt. Lolo and three took the lower, more direct path to the viewpoint. Upon arrival at the Seymour Narrows viewpoint, we were all delighted by the sight of a couple of orcas frolicking, a porpoise, and sea lions enjoying some time in the kelp bed below.

Lunch and conversation was enjoyed by all then the return via the Saltwater Lagoon. 10.4 km; 4½ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Maud Island – 3 Oct 2018


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