Trip Report – North Gowlland Harbour Bike Trail Loop – 10 Oct 2018

Seven hikers and Joey, the dog, enjoyed a three hour hike in the area north and west of North Gowlland Harbour Road. The weather was perfect – mostly sunny with a few clouds and pleasantly cool. Starting at the Cash Only trailhead, we made a grand loop following Backdoor to Silk Stockings where we passed an area recovering from past copper mining and enjoyed views south to Gowlland Harbour.   The lake on the east side of the trail reflected the changing fall colours. From there we dropped down to the Missing Links Road, then paralleled North Gowlland Harbour Road along Bite the Bullet. As we entered John Marlow’s woodlot on the east side of the road, we stopped on the bridge for Les’s pizza and marvelled at the large beaver dam built at the south end of the wetland. Sam’s Shorty trail behind the wetland brought us back to the vehicles. After much rain, the forest and mosses were bright green, punctuated by brilliant yellows of turning maples.  7.3 km.

Janis McLean

Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – North Gowlland Bike Trail Loop – 10 Oct 2018


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