Trip Report – Maud Island – 27 Mar 2019

After cancelling this trip in February due to icy conditions, the weather could not have been better. Fifteen hikers, including five guests, enjoyed the cool of the forest and then the warmth of the sun at the lookouts. Some chose to go up and take in the views from Mt. Lolo, giving themselves a wonderful, varied hiking loop, and others chose to do the lower route to the lookout over Seymour Narrows both ways. 

We met up at the Maud Island lookout where we were treated to a number of eagles flying below us and a least one sea lion frolicking in the eddies. Some hikers took the opportunity to lie back in the sun – pretty amazing for March 27.

A dock has been built just before the causeway which allows boats to get in and pick up debris that has washed up in the storms. The bay was extremely clean – many thanks to all who arranged that cleanup.

We had listed this as taking 5 hours with travel, but with such a large group, and many who were new to the hike, we were gone about 6 hours. 10.0 km; 4¼ hours (from trail head and back to trail head).  The drive is 12.8 km and ½ hour each way.


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Hiking – Maud Island – 27 March 2019


1 thought on “Trip Report – Maud Island – 27 Mar 2019

  1. Thanks to Sandra for leading this hike. This was a stellar hike with varied and interesting terrain all along the way.

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