Trip Report – Stramberg Old Growth Grove – 2 April 2019

Nine of us hiked by Vic’s Marsh then on to the Stramberg big trees in Main Lakes Provincial Park.  The weather was a perfect and the trail was in good condition and well flagged. The journey offers lots of variety including open marsh, a homestead site, old corrals and a barn, undulating forest trail with rocky bluffs and fern wetlands, and old logging roads.  There has been some erosion this past year of dirt bridges over creeks, but conditions were very dry for early April.  We ate lunch in the swale leading into the grove and then wandered among the trees.   The trees are impressively big  — and old.  There was frequent wolf scat on the trail.  12 km; 5 hours.


Thanks to Norris, Les and Cyndy for the photos, and to Stephen and Carrie for the trail camera photo taken earlier.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Stramberg Old Growth Grove – 2 April 2019


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