Trip Report – Eagle Ridge and Beyond Loop – 27 Nov 2019

Thirteen of us did the Eagle Ridge and Beyond loop on a crisp, frosty, sunny day.  After crossing the creek where the culverts washed out, we started with the “beyond” part, going up the mossy open ridge (in the warm sun) one ridge north of Eagle Ridge.  Then we descended down the open bands on the south side of that ridge and switched over to beneath the impressive cliffs of Eagle Ridge.  Then the route winds through a gap in the cliff defences and emerges at the top.  We had lunch at the Eagle Ridge summit, enjoying the views, and then took the trail back down, with a stop at the viewpoint overlooking the beaver ponds.  5.6 km, 3¼ hours.


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Eagle Ridge Loop – 27 Nov 2019


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