Trip Report – Deepwater-Seymour Shoulder Loop – 18 Dec 2019

The weather forecast was dismal, and it was mostly accurate.  However five bold adventurers set out anyway, in spite of wind and rain, on the theory that Mt. Seymour would block the wind for us.  We were just lucky with the rain because there was a hole in the system, a window of opportunity when we needed it.  So we set off, walking up the steep old logging road, which after the heavy rain was more like a shallow river,  It was a good day for waterproof boots.  Further up the hill we had green spongy moss covering the logging road.  Those are the best kind.  Then further up the hill we hit snow.  Fresh snowball-quality snow.  After a brief lunch stop at the viewpoint (in the cloud), we followed the old road as it descended back to the cars.  Of course there were some more water features, places where the trail resembled a cascade or lake.  We all made it safely home before the deluge resumed.  We were dry from the ankles up and remarkably cheerful.  7.1 km, 3¼ hours.


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Deepwater-Seymour Shoulder Loop- 18 Dec 2019


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