Trip Report – Newton Lake-Small Inlet-Waiatt Bay – 19 Aug 2020

Six hikers set out on a damp, overcast day for the annual hike into northern Quadra’s provincial/marine parks. Our small group was able to set a quick pace up the rocky remains of a logging road and into the beautiful second growth forests of Small Inlet PP. A brief stop at Newton Lake made the point, as we stood in a brisk southeasterly breeze, that a swim in the lake was not likely to happen this day.

We made our way to Small Inlet where the few boats at anchor seemed to be squeezed into a puddle of tidal water between vast expanses of exposed beach, clam beds, and remnants of clam garden walls. After a brief visit to the always fascinating spring at the head of Small Inlet we headed, via the portage trail, over to Waiatt Inlet. The trail clearing work by the Trail Committee (specifically the Barclays and the Fords) was duly noted and praised, and allowed a quick passage across Quadra Island.

While sitting on the Waiatt Bay shore enjoying lunch and the view and counting the boats, we were joined by two club members who rowed in from their sailboat. All were pleasantly surprised at this serendipitous rendezvous, and soon, we were a group of eight on the return hike to Newton Lake. We did encounter a few people returning from a swim at the lake but none of our group was tempted in on a breezy, drizzly afternoon. After a brief stop on the rocks by the lake, the sailors headed back to their boat and the hikers returned to the trailhead.  13.2 km; 5.3 hours.


(Click to enlarge photos)

Hiking – Newton Lake-Small Inlet-Waiatt Bay – 19 Aug 2020


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