Trip Report – Nugedzi Lake – 26 Aug 2020

Six hikers enjoyed a perfect, late summer day for our hike up to Nugedzi Lake. We opted for the second, slightly higher viewpoint as our first rest stop, much appreciated after the usual slog up the eroded logging road. The views, though somewhat hazy, extended to the Coast Mountains and south to Texada Island. The Old Growth Forest was a welcome respite from the increasing heat. We were surprised to find how eroded the trail here was in some spots, tree roots fully exposed in many places, possibly the result of increased traffic (we actually saw 9 other people on the trail at various times) and the heavy rains of early summer and recent days. (We learned later that one of the 9 was a local trail runner, who was on his way back from having run the entire trail up from the Nugedzi trailhead parking lot, down to the Mt Seymour parking lot on Granite Bay Road and back over, after having biked to the trailhead from Heriot Bay. And we thought we were putting in an effort just to do the Nugedzi hike. )

As this trail was new to one of the group, we did the “Cook’s Tour”, going southeast out to the Lilyponds and the Lookout for views to Georgia Strait and beyond, before heading to Nugedzi Lake for lunch and a refreshing and very welcome swim. After lunch, we hiked up to the next viewpoint from which we could clearly see the mountains of Vancouver Island, and, once again, wondered about the history and purpose of the “Flagpole Cairn” at this site. A pleasant walk around Little Nugedzi Lake completed the tour before we headed back down.  10.8 km; 6 hours.

Valerie van Veen

Thanks to Norris, Valerie, and Vic for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Nugedzi Lake – 26 Aug 2020


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