Trip Report – Big Tree – 28 Oct 2020

The destination for this hike was to the biggest tree on Quadra.  Five of us set out to visit it and other big trees in the area.  It’s in the Park, but there is no trail to it.  We parked the cars where the logging road gets steep and hiked from there.  Leaving the logging road, there is a short section of deadfall and brush.  Once in the Park the forest is more open and there is a path.  The big trees are in a deep valley with a little clear stream running through it. We measured around a few big Douglas fir trees, then had lunch and visited Clear Lake.
The biggest tree we measured was 7.4 meters around.  We think it is the same one as featured in this drone video.  The video says 9 metres around, but we suspect that was at the very base of the tree, which is not the standard way to do it.  It also says 800 years old and 90 metres high Watch that video here:     4.9 km; 3 hours.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Big Tree – 28 Oct 2020


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