Trip Report – Main Lake & Yeatman Bay – 30 June 2021

This hike was all within Main Lake Provincial Park on an old trail that has recently been restored by Quadra Trail Committee volunteers. Eight of us drove to a pull-out on the Surge Narrows Road (identified by a cell-reception sign) and started hiking at 10:00. Even though the temperature was lower than previous days, it was still hot even in the shade of the forest.

The trail descends steadily, first through ferns with occasional muddy spots and we arrived at Main Lake where we stopped for a snack before carrying on to Yeatman Bay on Okisollo Channel. No one braved an ocean swim, but as soon as we got back to Main Lake several hikers jumped in for a refreshing dip. After lunch at the lake, we hiked back to the cars.

Walking time: 3 hours    total trip time: 4.5 hours    distance 10 km


Thanks to Diana and Norris for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)


Hiking – Main Lake and Yeatman Bay from Surge Narrow Rd – 30 June 2021



1 thought on “Trip Report – Main Lake & Yeatman Bay – 30 June 2021

  1. Just so no one feels slighted and left out – there were actually 9 of us on this hike.

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