Kayaking – Village Bay Beach – 18 July 2021

Activity Kayaking
Destination Village Bay Beach
Date 18 July; Sunday
Trip Coordinator Valerie Van Veen
Contact Info 250 285 2329 vvv@qisland.ca
Description A club favourite, out through Moulds Bay, Shellaligan Pass, to Village Bay Beach. If time, energy, interest, weather, we can paddle further around Bold Point.
THREE possible dates (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) as rain and wind is still forecast for Friday. Let me know by WEDNESDAY (14th) evening your preference. I will confirm day with all registered paddlers on Thursday at the latest.
Kayaks must be ocean- going craft with all required Transport Canada Safety equipment. If you have any questions call coordinator, 2329.
Bring lunch, water, snacks.
Meeting Place Rebecca Spit boat launch
Departure Time 9 am meet, on water by 9:40
Easy – moderate
Costs None
Trip limits 8 kayaks
Dogs? No
Notes: Our launch window allows for the Cortes ferry. We will time return for the ferry.

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