Trip Report – Steep Island – 12 Nov 2018

On a calm and partly sunny day, four kayaks set out from Q Cove for Steep Island. We first paddled into Unkak Cove as there was a 12 foot tide and much of the Cove dries at a lower tide. There were numerous birds there. It is too bad that there are also numerous old docks that have been left to rot away. From the Cove we traveled up in Discovery Passage by April Point. We were going with the ebb tide, but found many back eddies along the way. It was fun to have the tide moving in all different directions which kept you adjusting your paddling.

We stopped to have lunch and enjoy the sun at Vigilant Island, and shared some smoked salmon, cheese and crackers.  From there we went around Steep Island. There was some current getting there but almost none going along the west side where I thought it might be strong. A person may know if it is ebb or flood tide, but the current is constantly changing near shore. The tide was nearing slack now so we headed straight back to the Cove, though there was still come current against us. On the way we had two sea lions put on a bit of a show for us. It is unsettling for a creature bigger that the kayak to come up close to you. All in all a calm, warm and wonderful day for a paddle especially considering it is November.  7.8 nautical miles and 4 hours.


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Kayaking – Steep Island – 12 Nov 2018


Kayaking – Steep Island – 12 Nov 2018

Activity Kayaking
Destination Steep Island
Date 12 Nov 2018, Monday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 285-2029 or   Be sure and sign up so I can call you if weather changes
.Description This will be a trip with some current. We will ride the ebb north and there should not be too much current coming back as max is 4.4 at 11:50. This is a higher tide so will be a good time to explore Unkak Cove. If wind comes up we will change to a April Point launch and do Gowlland Harbour.
Meeting Place Quathiaski Cove Ramp
Departure Time Meet at 10:30, launch at 11 am.
Costs parking
Trip limits none
Dogs? no
Notes: All participants must conform to QIOC paddling guidelines. Participants must have all Coast Guard required equipment and spray skirts.

Trip Report – Gowlland Island and Harbour – 19 Sept 2018

Six people met at April Point Marina an hour after low tide to launch their kayaks. The weather was sunny and calm as we paddled through the narrow entrance into Gowlland Harbour. This is where we encountered the most current, but it was not that heavy. Once into the harbour we paddled between Mouse and Crow Islets. Then by Wren Islet and up the northeast side to the log dump. The clouds moved in as we headed for May Island for lunch. Just as we got there the heavens opened up and we all got soaked.

After lunch the weather turned back dry and we left for the opening between Steep and Gowlland Islands. The flood current here was not anywhere near the 4 knot max that the charts showed was occurring off Orange Point. We also found this the case for just off April Point so we slid on down to the next little bay. From there we returned to April Point Marina in another shower. All in all it was a great paddle.  12.7 km taking 3.75 hours.


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Kayaking – Gowlland Island and Harbour – 19 Sept 2018

Kayaking – Gowlland Island and Harbour – 19 Sept 2018

Activity Kayaking
Destination Gowlland Island and Harbour
Date 19 Sept 2018, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 285-2029 or
Description The tentative plan is to go around Gowlland Island or possibly Steep Island, and through Gowlland Harbour.  The exact course will be decided by group that day. Expect some passages with some current.  Please register at least 24 hours in advance as trip may change due to weather.
Meeting Place April Point Marina
Departure Time 9:30.  Be there by 9:00 to be ready to leave by 9:30.
Costs none
Trip limits eight
Dogs? no
Notes: All participants must review and conform to QIOC paddling guidelines. Participants must have all Coast Guard required equipment and spray skirts.

Trip Report – Hoskyn Channel – 15 August 2018

Six paddlers took advantage of another lovely day of warm weather and light breezes to kayak from Len Road Beach to Village Bay. We were on the water by 9 am, thankful for the high tide allowing a quick launch. With high tide and calm waters, we went through Shellaligan and on to Village Bay. Several hikers were sunbathing on the rocky outcroppings along the trail, but no other wildlife. This was especially disappointing as just a few days ago a huge pod of Pacific White-sided dolphins spent most of a day in a feeding frenzy in Open Bay. We reached Village Bay at 11:30, brunch time. The beach was surprisingly clean, though a few small items were picked up and one aquafarm basket was left, hoping boaters would take it back. A classic wooden boat was anchored in the bay and we admired their husky dog, and the amazing crop of lettuce flourishing on the back deck. An easy paddle back to Hyacinthe Bay, more hikers lounging on the Shellaligan rocks, though no-one braving the chilly water. A flock of seabirds were noisily feeding in the intertidal at the north end of Hyacinthe Bay, and several dozen seals were dozing, and arguing, on the Seal Rocks.

The highlight of an otherwise peaceful paddle came at the end of the trip. Terry wanted to retrieve some flotsam washed up on Turtle Island, just off Len Beach. He and Vic bagged the huge fishing net, aka “the beast”, straddled it across Vic’s and Val’s kayaks, and Terry practised his guiding skills by towing both kayaks back to shore, Vic assisting as outrigger paddler. The beast will be suitably disposed of, and no-one will be any the wiser as to its timely demise.

Thanks to Terry and Val for photos.


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Kayaking – Hoskyn Channel – 15 August 2018

Kayaking – Hoskyn Channel – 15 Aug 2018

Activity Kayaking
Destination Hoskyn Channel
Date 15 August 2018, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Valerie van Veen
Contact Info; 250 285 2329
Description Two choices for this trip, depending first on winds, second on group preference.  IF wind not an issue: 1. launch from Len Rd Beach and go to Village Bay, return. 2. launch from Valdes Rd beach and cross Hoskyn Channel to Dunsterville Islets, return. Note that landings at Dunsterville can be more difficult due to lack of good beach, thus rocky/shells/mud possible.
Meeting Place See trip description
Departure Time Meet at launch at 8:30, launch by 9
Moderate, depends on trip
Costs None
Trip limits None
Dogs? No
Notes: Must have sea kayak and all required safety equipment as per Club guidelines. Bring water and lunch. Please CALL to indicate your preference; participants will be notified by phone on Tuesday to confirm which trip is a go.


Trip Report – Kanish Bay – 1 Aug 2018

After prior consideration of an inscrutable weather forecast, seven club members (including five men, possibly a trip record!) paddled out from the Granite Bay boat launch at 9 a.m. for a day of near-perfect conditions. We first headed to the Chained Islands to provide an easy return if conditions worsened and took a short break and a peek “outside”. The bay was so calm we decided to aim for Granite Point to see the pictograms and watch the activity as fishing boats headed out for a sockeye opening. We then paddled to Orchard Bay – a very picturesque spot with a huge midden, clam garden and abandoned homestead – where we enjoyed our lunch, and then headed back to Granite Bay, arriving at 3 p.m. Thanks to Norris and Les for the great photos!  17.6 km; 5¾ hours.

Darcy Mitchell

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Kayaking – Granite – Kanish Bays – 1 Aug 2018