Trip Report – Quinsam River trails – 13 Oct 2021

Five of us set out on the Quinsam River Nature Trail on a cloudy day made colourful by the colour of the Big Leaf Maples.  The trail was quite busy with people walking and fishing. As we followed the path along the river up to the road near the Quinsam River fish hatchery, we could see a few salmon making their way up stream to spawn.  We crossed over the road to follow the Tom Sawyer mountain bike trail. This trail rises quickly to a bluff overlooking the river, passes by some interesting mountain bike jumps and through a lovely mature forest.  On a fall weekday, we had this trail all to ourselves.  With the leaves still on the trees we only had peek-a-boo views of the river dramatically below us.  We hiked this as an out-and-back, stopping well short of the end of the Tom Sawyer trail at the logging road with the metal post , where we paused for lunch and then hikied back.  As we returned along the Quinsam River Nature Trail we had the treat of watching a very healthy black bear catch two large salmon and quickly eat them.  He was unfazed by the audience. 11.8 km; 4 hours.
Thanks to Norris and Carrie for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Quinsam River Trails – 13 Oct 2021


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