Trip Report – Karst and Water – 3 Nov 2021

Having had nearly 50mm of rain and plenty of wind the day before, we substituted a simpler outing nearer to home than the one that had been planned.  Eight of us headed out in light drizzle to see streams and waterfalls in the Quatsino limestone formation on Quadra.  We hoped that the bounty of water would result in saturation and good flow.  Starting off on an old logging road, we followed the drainage of a mostly underground stream which appears and disappears usually at the bottom of a series of large, deep sinkholes.  We could walk down into the sinkholes for a closer look at the water, the limestone and the ferns.  There was no trail and care was required not to step into small sinkholes covered with moss. so we made our way slowly through the deadfall and brush.  The final insurgence ended at a large pool forming from the constricted drainage.  From there, we walked a short way down a logging road and up a trail leading to a waterfall.  The falls emerges from a wetland and falls into a very large sinkhole.  The drop into the sinkhole was over 16m, for an impressive chute.  Even on the way home we passed creeks in full spate.


Thanks to Norris and Carrie for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Karst and Water- 3 Nov 2021


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