Trip Report – Mt. Washington – 19 Jan 2022

Amazingly, and thankfully, the cold rain and wind held off long enough for five of us to enjoy the wonderful snowshoe trails of Mt Washington.  While this is not a free activity, like most of our outings, the well marked and tracked trails justify the cost ( $12 per person) .

After obtaining trail passes and one rental, we were on the trail by 10:30.  The initial blast of winter that greeted us let up and we set off in just sub zero weather and low cloud.  The snow was crunchy underfoot, thankfully no ice.   
We travelled clockwise, starting off on the green “Old Cabin Loop”, a very pretty and fairly flat loop through the forest and around the meadow.  It was wonderful to see several young families, and a herd of excited school kids, also enjoying this local treasure.  About ⅔ along “Old Cabin” we branched off onto “ Tree Beard” which, appropriately, heads up into the forest. A small plateau usually provides an excellent view, making for the perfect rest stop.  However, with a bit of a wind, and no view, we opted for a quick standing lunch break. Learning from other snowshoers that Rossiter’s Route was at least navigable, we opted for the longer return to Raven Lodge via Rossiter’s rather than continue on “Tree Beard”. “Rossiter’s” is one of two “black/difficult” snowshoe trails at Mt Washington and duly identified as a route ( not trail) on the map.  However, though long, it was not difficult going especially as we were going clockwise, thus going gradually down Rossiter’s Ridge.  In the wild, when there is a down there will almost inevitably be an up. Sure enough, a steep up eventually wound us back to Raven Lodge.  The promised ice rain finally materialized ensuring we were suitably wet as we returned to our cars.
Altogether a great winter outing, after so many trip weather-related postponements this season.  4.2 km. 2 hours

(click on photos to enlarge)

Snow – Mt. Washington – 19 Jan 2022


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